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What’s in your heart?

What gently beats inside your chest? / Just like a tiny cozy nest / What pounds against your very breath? / And silences when nearing dea…
What's in your heart? by Elisabeth Dubois

The Final Sleep

the golden rose from whence it came / stands bare, its grace dismayed / a bud, a bloom, a scent to please / offers memories of what has been
The Final Sleep by Elisabeth Dubois

Passing clouds

A brother, a sister, a friend in you / Or parents so treasured and dear to you / A life may cease in shape or form / But love remains after…
passing clouds by Elisabeth Dubois

Love – a human emotion

To hug, to hold, or merely kiss / Just thoughts of you are simply bliss
valentine card #4 by Elisabeth Dubois

The you I knew

Will your sparkle ever return / And smile the way, where my heart burns
the you I knew by Elisabeth Dubois

Time to care!

The tiniest seed brings on a tree / While grains of sand furnish a beach
motivational poster #2 by Elisabeth Dubois


Night awakens beautiful dreams / filled with moments of unlimited streams / for I’m not real, nor will I exist / I am merely a figmen…
live your dreams! by Elisabeth Dubois

Universal Eyes – (the poem – accompa…

Engulfed by fear of being alone / Souls of origins still unknown / Alienated by vacuumed space / So cold, so brutal, with no escape.

Surf it up… – (the poem – accom…

A surfer’s dream is never met / Fearless and hungry for better yet / As natural forces soon unite / They long for….the ultimate ride

Somewhere ! – (the poem – accompanie…

Somewhere is a reflection of dreams / Somewhere to hide when in need

Midnight Rose (the poem – accompanies a p…

The mighty Stem, she hangs on to / Posing for love as romance blooms
Valentine card 1 by Elisabeth Dubois valentine card 2 by Elisabeth Dubois valentine card #3 by Elisabeth Dubois Purple Rose by Elisabeth Dubois

The Black Hole Feeds

Spiralling to the depth of darkness / As oceans swirl into a dominion of pain
muddy time by Elisabeth Dubois

Too old for love, no one cares!

A lonely soul you shall become / No one to court or make you run / Your days are numbered and beauty slips / Your tomorrow certainly looks …

Love gone Wrong….

A moment of weakness that cripples our mind / A search for happiness, although totally blind / A crippling emotion that binds you inside / …

Yearning for that special love

A crowded room makes little difference / Reading a book is totally useless / Watching TV…Oh, how boring / Crippled in anguish are my though…


The birds are chirping, the sun is beaming / Why is today so very frightening / It is a day like any other, / No reason to feel this ugly …

Don’t give up!

And now the beauty that you once held / Is in the hands of living hell / Did you give up and turn so bitter? / Because you couldn’t love an…

One sided affair

Retreat back to your little shell / You silly wench from whence you came / As tears stream down your saddened face / You soon become a to…


” Humph! Look at him!” – Ann says to Sam -“What’s wrong with kids nowadays?” Tim keeps gaming.

Whatever I am, I just accept

The grains of sands I dare compare / To the stars above to which I stare / The mind assumes it comprehends / Although it only makes amend

What is reality?

Darkness subsides and a dream-like effect / Takes over my being, in every aspect. / So light, so free and yet so confused / As to where I a…

If I was a bird!

I would sing like a nightingale to calm your woes and moods / I would fly with you into the night and seek to reach the moon

As a matter of fact!

The truth of the matter is… / It’s only a matter of time before you realize / No matter what… / It really doesn’t matter.

Giving up!

I feel all alone and have lost my will to live / I cannot see what beauty lies ahead of me

My sister

Loving parents create a family / Children they’ll have but not too many

The darkest moment!

Treasured things so out of reach / Were never meant for me to keep


Pit full of hurdles make up a day / Unable to rid of what’s in the way / Unable to breathe and see the path / That is destined, forgetting …

Believe in your heart

Many hurdles you’ll cross and bear / With aching moments of despair

A falling star

Next time you see a falling star / Consider all, that you hold tight

A step in the right direction

Rivers have carved the deepest of valleys / Shattering and drowning most of your dreams

Foggy path of life

Overwhelmed and true to my why / saw many hearts broken through time
TIME TO REFLECT... HELLO 2012 by Elisabeth Dubois

Moments of Time

There is an endless sea that engulfs all dreams / There is a land of sand that has no time
Nature's Diamonds surreal by Elisabeth Dubois We are all one energy by Elisabeth Dubois
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