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Thank you again and again....

I’m losing track of time getting lost in real life and my sufferings from the shutterbug. – I should have said thank you a long time ago, but finally here it comes, in no particular order :

♥ Thank you to Jan, TT, and all the anonymous buyers of my work.
♥ Thank you to all the hosts for featuring my work.
♥ Thank you to all those who vote for my work in challenges.
♥ Thank you to all those wonderful artists and friends who continously support my work with comments and faves.
♥ Thank you for all the giggles; and last but not least
♥ Thank you to RB for the Home Page feature….

It is really encouraging for me to get feedback….and when my work sells I have a joy-dance (you don’t want to know !)…. :-)

You all encourage me to learn and evolve in my work and my creativity gets a big boost. The supportive RB community is unmatched, and I’ll continue to do my best to reciprocate.

It means a lot to me ! Thank you !

Ulla xx

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