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Conjoined Twins Sideshow Dolly Ring

Find this ring on my etsy
This is designed by Ugly Shyla.
The duplication of this design is strictly prohibited.This like like all my jewelry is a exclusive design by me,you can’t get it anywhere else!
All of my jewelry is hand made with vintage and or found components and also hand made and sculpted components,making each a one of a kind work of art! I’m a doll artist by trade and I also like doing other arts and crafts that include doll parts or other ceramic work.My work was most recently seen on Huffington Post!!!!
Ring is made from a silver metal resin.It is real silver power and looks and feels just like real silver.One of the little twins has a little rhinestone on her handbag.It’s on a adjustable ring base so it will fit any siz…

CENSORED & SILENCED.Call for YOUR censorship stories

Please free to pass this post along to anybody you think might be interested.
If you like what we are doing please spread the word about our blog <a href="">http:/...;

CENSORED & SILENCED.Call for YOUR censorship stories
Steven Leyba and I want to hear YOUR censorship story for our Censored and Silenced project!
If you had problem with your art being censored and censored for no good reason IE you don’t paint naked little kids.Which to me that WOULD be a good reason for getting censored but apparently not.This applies to any medium of art,from visual art,to film,music ect.
If you have a problem with it also we’d like your input on it.
You can either post your story in reply <a href="http://ce

Doll Memento Mori Photo Prints.

Before you crap yourself and call the law this is a photo of a DOLL.A DOLL I MADE.No babies,coffins or cameras were hurt in the making of these photos.I do have to say I feel hurt,because Manxy snuck up behind the background and scared me while taking the photos.I should contact the proper internet authorities because my cat startled me.That is what the net is for right,a place where you can report others for upsetting your sensibilities?
I took some photos of my Memento Mori,Sleeping Beauty doll which I made and is in my private collection.I have been wanting to do some Memento Mori style photos with it.And I did and I’m selling some prints of it on my website in the Gift Shop:Art prints section <a href="">www.u...;
They are …

New Mini Doll Photo Prints on my Etsy.

Ugly Art ATC/ACEO Mini Prints on my etsy shop <a href="http://"></a>.
If you have no idea what the hell a ATC or ACEO is
<a href=" can visit this link</a>If you don’t have a etsy account and wish to purchase something I have listed on etsy just drop me a line about what you want with your paypal e-mail addy and I’ll send you a invoice.
I’m selling some mini prints of some of my doll photographs.While they are not true ACEO because they are 4×6 inches instead of the standard 2×5 inch size.
I only have them up on my etsy shop right now because I want to see if people are into them or not before I go thro…