A Crazy Week!

It has been quite a crazy week here in Bangkok. I’m sure some of you may have heard or read about the crisis that we are facing here. The international airport here in Bangkok was sieged by the anti-government protesters(more than 50,000 of them I think)…about 5 days ago. The airport had to be shut down and many tourists are unable to fly back, there’s no news as to when the airport will be reopened. The anti-government protesters issued an ultimatum,theywould not leave the airport unless the current Prime MInister resigns. It seems that the Prime Minister has no plans to do so. As such, one of the trapped tourist is my Singaporean friend. Poor guy, he has to travel all the way to another province to catch the flight back to Singapore. We also have a fellow bubbler, Kim who is now holidaying in Bangkok and I doubt she would be able to fly back from Bangkok tomorrow. I met her for lunch yesterday and we had a great time together! Kim is such an upbeat lady, full of ideas and enthusiasm for art and life! I find her enthusiasm very contagious indeed! She gave me some of her art pieces that are made into very cute luggage tags, I will take some photos and show you the next time :D

In the midst of these craziness, I’m pleased to be able to share some good news :D

Many thanks to DanceswithCats for purchasing a card of Wild Thoughts Do view her cute and delightful portfolio of her furry friends, you will love it!! :D

This was my very first upload here on RB, it has the least viewings and comments so far. I’m really glad Phoebe has found another home that will love and cherish her :D

Many thanks to Anita for purchasing this card of The Old Has Gone, The New Has Come! :D May Ophelia always make you smile ^ _ ^ Make sure you stop by her gallery and be awe-ed by her portfolio of pen and ink art!!

I also want to thank the hosts of Painted Birds for featuring Love Meditations

I had a very exciting week over at zazzle, I made a record of 110 sales this week :D Thanks to my ex-company who ordered 100 mugs for their associates(my ex-colleagues)! I have left the company for 17 months already, it’s really very sweet of them to consider purchasing those gifts from me, my heart just overflowed with so much thanksgiving! :D They ordered various designs, here’s some:

Here’s thanking Anita again for her support and purchase of these magnets ^ _ ^

Am also very thankful that I sold the following items :D

Thanks to Zazzle’s 40% calendar promotion, that helped :D This promo will be on till 15th December.

Thank you everyone who have just read this and have supported and encouraged me in my creative journey here on RB and in Zazzle, you guys have added much into my emotional bank account, I feel so rich just having you guys around :D Have a great weekend! :D

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