I’m a poet. I joined the site because my partner has an account here.

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  • Age: 25
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Getting Married!

Hello bubble, it’s been a long time! I’m very happy to announce that the first person I met on here, the one who taught me the ropes and inspired so many of my poems, is finally, after all this time, moving to the US so that we can get married. The love of my life, Biographyofred8, never have we been apart or stopped loving one another since the day we met. I wish I had a more beau…
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I Will Mend Your Heart

A song for my lover. / [Video] / I think you think you’re broken / I think you’re wrong / I know you worry that you’re weak / I know you’re strong / You think I would be better off / If you were alone / I know you’re afraid / That I’ll leave our home / I will be right here / Like I’ve been from the start / I’ll kiss your scars / And I will mend your…
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I love you/Thank you

I love you. / I love your smile. / I love your eyes. / I love your freckles. / I love your teeth. / I love your lips. / I love it when you laugh so hard your stomach hurts. / I love how you say “nom nom” and that you want to squish me. / I love it when you make silly noises for no reason. / I love how you yell at things that don’t work. / I love the way you say “good morni…
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Another Feature!!!

My poem “Elephants” was featured in C.O.R.E. and a huge huge thank you to them. I must say, I’m really thankful and feel very honored to have been getting so much of my work featured. YOU ARE ALL INSANE!!! Haha, in all seriousness, thank you to redbubble and to every group that has ever featured a poem of mine, it means so much to me.
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