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Some people say if you keep a journal, when things are crazy … you can look back and actually see with clarity….. / I know when I am crazy and things are senseless… why do I want to revisit that? / so shouldn’t I journal something that I want to remember… like peace and tranquility, silence and stillness, clear streaming thoughts instead of chaos??? / Just a thought…
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Good bye Mr. Butterfly

I was driving on my lunch break today.. / I saw the prettiest butterfly… / then he went ***splat***** on my window. / But it was the prettiest shade of red I have ever seen… / I am no sadist / I felt bad.. I did. / But it was a pretty shade of red.. / it won’t wash of my windshield.. / So he will be remembered / I must have hit him pretty hard.. / (I wonder if there is some de…
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redbubble feature :)

I am very excited .. just got a redbubble feature / All lights lead to home / Thank you Redbubble :)
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look for meaning

Look for meaning in every grain of Sand, because God is trying to tell you something… Like there is something profound in the way that the “Son light” moves through the trees.. through branches.. it reminds us of our place in the order of things, not as bright as the Son not as tall as the trees.. but humble and looking up to see all of God’s creation shimmering and dancin…
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