blah blah blah and any suggestions?

stuck in a rut. haven’t been feeling too great and its been WAY humid (and me with humidity hair is NOT GOOD, i turn into rosanna rosannadanna) so attempts at sp’s have left me wanting to jump off a building because of the bad hair and just profound lack of energy and life i see in the results. so since that’s not working for me and i’d rather give my body a rest than keep beating a dead horse (when i actually have some inspiration i’ll do more again, should be as soon as the dampness goes away) i’ve been trying to put more energy into promotion and am just at a loss. can any of you suggest any promotional outlets (free ones) (that do not require massive bandwidth because i do not have it) that i might be suited for? or places to submit work? i’ve found a few things but only a few. …

mojo? where are you, mojo?

maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, i have so lost my mojo! hubby had last week off and there just wasn’t time to keep up with things so i didn’t try, and now? i’m still just being lazy and can’t get motivated. HAVE to get back to the 365 deal, even though it’s a bit of a farce now. the discipline of that is what kept my ass on track.

Confused babble that has nothing to do with redbubble

I’m really confused about something stupid and need to babble about it, and choose here to babble it because it is removed from the situation. I’ve been having facebook ISSUES. Basically, it stresses me out bad, I can’t explain, so I’ve just been avoiding it, using for promotion and very quick catch-ups with people, and have decided to just REALLY ignore it from here on out. There are a handful of people I still will use it to keep in touch with, almost all people I have known in real life. There is ONE I haven’t that I really want to keep in touch with, too. One. AND I JUST FIND OUT HE DEFRIENDED ME! and at least 2 others I’m surprised by. That he defriended, not that defriended me. So I am like WTF? Last I knew we were on good terms. This is the thing. If I ask the dude why …


I’m on a t-shirt spree because it’s been awhile since I have done that and they are what actually sells. I did 3 of images I thought would do well as shirts, but do any of you have any other suggestions? Things I already have that would be good in shirt form? I don’t feel like coming up with new designs, I really just don’t get much satisfaction from the whole shirt thing, so really just want to use what’s already there, but I’m having trouble finding anymore that I think would work.

Massive Price Reduction! Everything Must Go!

Well, “massive” means I’m putting everything back at a 40% markup after having concluded that the advice to raise this was not so good for my situation. Need whatever cash I can get and can’t sit around trying to be exclusive. I’ve gone through the things people seem to like the best and lowered them, but I can’t go through the whole damned bunch of everything so if there is something you want that I neglected to change, just bmail me and let me know.


copy of email I just received:

Hey there,
Just wanted to let you know that one or more of your images will be included in the upcoming issue of F-Stop Magazine. I will email you again when the issue goes online.

Thanks for contributing!

Christy Karpinski
F-Stop Magazine

woohoo! the lame part— i cannot remember to save my life what i submitted to them. i know i DID, i know it was SPs. but i just can’t remember what.

Book Sales!!!!

Well halleluja for childhood friends, I have sold a copy of 2 of my books now so they are safe from deletion. I know one went to a childhood friend, I do not know who bought the other so thanks to whoever that may be. That just leaves this one

without a sale and in danger of being deleted by the site. The others are all good to go. Feels way way good.

Book Number 2

Book number 2. The whole idea of making this one was to have a smaller one with select images that are the most popular sort for me so that it would cost less than the other. It didn’t turn out that way even though it has less than half the pages. I guess because of the black background. When my 15 days is up (if i don’t buy one in that amount of time they will take it down) I’ll redo it on white and see if THEN it is cheaper.

(book one)—

A Sexy Collaboration Idea

OK, I have an idea. It requires me using proper capilalization. Today I ran across another awesome image linking pin-ups to literacy, now including mine that makes 3 and I haven’t SEARCHED for any of them, they’ve just popped up one way or another. So I bet if I did search I could find 9 more good ones to make a calender. Most of us here aren’t making any real money and could use exposure. Most who would take pictures that would suit such a calender probably do care about reading. It would be cool to collaborate and do some sort of campaign calender to benefit some sort of literacy charity. I don’t have a clue how to go about such things, but if we got it together we could set up a seperate account for whatever the charity would be so that the proceeds would go directly to them, an…


i’ve been hearing alot of complaints about the new collections dealio and i don’t get it. it DOES enable you to choose what images appear most prominently on your profile and that’s a step up. you just have to click the little arrow thingie in the corner of the thumbnail for the collection. and there it is, at the top instead of the most recents. its a pain getting them sorted out if you have many images, but if you take the time to do the initial set-up it’s actually pretty cool. anyway, spent alot of time doing said initial set-up earlier. now need to reorder some of the collections and need to revamp other things on my profile, too. have drifted so far from my toys that things don’t really make sense anymore. anyway, that’s all i have to say


today has been completely ON TRACK. up early, phone ACTUALLY repaired (it turns out it really wasn’t yesterday and it was out again this morning), and very very happy with today’s work. self portraiture is definitely the thing i get the most satisfaction from, i love it when it goes well, always feel energized afterwards even if i’m all achy-breaky from it. partially because i just like the results best, partially because it is just NOT EASY, is always challenging, half the time i’m working blind because there’s no way to get a moniter where i need it, and it always feels like, you know— a victory. and although it doesn’t feel like work, it feels like i have gotten work done, if that makes sense? with most everything else— any photos where i am not in them— it seems less so because i…

playing catch-up

internet was out all weekend, and only on half of yesterday and today, so i’ve been playing catch-up, trying to get everything up now that i can. the problem is fixed now. definitely feeling better, it’s been tremendous to be able to sleep properly again, and to be able to just be in a dreamy doze for awhile before then. i love that whole in-and-out of consciousness time. went to a park and found the best, GOOFIEST graffitti, i think i finally got all of it up that i wanted to and a few other things, and can move on tomorrow now that the backlog is all up. i need to do more with mandy, or the debutante barbie deal i’ve wanted to do for a month. would like to do more cool self portraits at some point during the week, but i have to know just what i want to do pretty much when i wake u…

so. much. better.

FINALLY medicated again and i am feeling SO MUCH BETTER. makes a world of difference in so many ways. anxiety down, restless legs rested, and it helps with the pain much more than i tend to give it credit for. its just that on the really really bad days its still bad, but those days are pretty unbearable without it. things came just as my leg was reaching a point of critical mass badness and now its just a dull discomfort. yesterday was just hideous, spent like 2 hours with a bag of frozen peas on the back of my head to deal with it. i HATE icing, but it does help. very very much looking forward to a good 3 day weekend of being able to comfortably sit through movies and getting out to enjoy the fabulous weather we’ve been having and i think my husband wanted to shoot some scenes fo…


ok, since i am not up to actually creating anything new, i am taking some time to just change some things around and think tactically about things. i have sought advice, been given advice from a few people that know what they are talking about, and in following said advice have limited and raised prices (and i mean hardcore raised) on a few pieces. what the hell, its not like they are selling ANYWAY. i’ve done this because the advice i have gotten from people i know that are in the know and from every article i have read has been pretty consistent about this. so we will see how this goes. it will probably go nowhere. most things will remain the same because i just don’t think they are that hot and if i were to have a real showing in a gallery i wouldn’t include them. geek things ce…

I Am Still Here

haven’t dissappeared. just still kinda detoxing and the more detoxed i get the more the nerve pain is bugging me. so still mostly not sleeping worth a damn. last night was better, though. will be able to get medicated again in a couple of weeks and definitely will get back to work then. i really don’t know about before. i feel good enough to get some things done today but am afraid that the process will set off my shoulder pain worse than it is, it always does, and i just don’t want to deal with that. being at the computer too much messes it up, too. it’s all just a bitch, but will be over soon. kind of annoying to go through the whole detoxing thing from a medicine that is NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ADDICTIVE (but i look this up and countless stories of people going through the same shi…


yeah, i missed another day. 365 thing is NOT off to an auspicious start. but yesterday was like— HELL. hellish. yep. day before yesterday i felt pretty good and likei was over with the worst of the basically med withdrawls and would be ok. then i tried to go to bed. then 6 hours later i succeeded in being asleep for 2 hours. 6 horrible, torturous hours later that i’m really surprised didn’t result in injury from all of the stretching and rolling and jerking around. omg. on top of that— snow last week caused my husbands check to be delayed at getting in. WHY they are not like printed out at the local office i do not know, but they arent. our tax refund was taken away because of my stupid student loans. we have bills to pay, bills that were overdue. and another snowstorm comin…

Fallen Behind

well, i totally blew my 365 project. missed 3 days in a row. but that’s alright. for 2 of those days i can sort of cheat and get things up, i did GET captures those days, just didn’t feel like messing with them. but i don’t think i have anything at all from yesterday. but, as i said, that’s ok. shit happens.

feeling alot better now.

very bad day

oh god what a bad day. student loan people took our tax refund. which we kinda NEED. kinda bad. in 12 weeks or so should get some of it back, but thats not a big help now. i can’t even get my meds now. it’ll be alright.

Odd Things That Have Served Me Well

1. the magic window in the den. pure southern exposure, it’s fabulous
2. mandy. impulse purchase in a thrift store, thought she might come in useful as a prop and she certainly has.
3. the bag of naked barbies.
4. old prom dress. there was another i bought that would have been fabulous, but it was made for a very tiny, yet very buxom woman, and i couldnt zip it (and it was a side zipper so coudnt be worked around) and couldn’t begin to fill it out.)
5. musical jolly chimp.…

things i have and need to make better use of:
1. big bag of indian wear. very muslim indian wear with one exception, really cool stuff. i kinda just forgot about it.
2. 70’s neiman marcus pink dress. it’s very very jane fonda in 9 to 5.
3. other various vintage things.
4. red mink collar swing coat
5. mahogany mink

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