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Confused babble that has nothing to do with redbubble

I’m really confused about something stupid and need to babble about it, and choose here to babble it because it is removed from the situation. I’ve been having facebook ISSUES. Basically, it stresses me out bad, I can’t explain, so I’ve just been avoiding it, using for promotion and very quick catch-ups with people, and have decided to just REALLY ignore it from here on out. There are a handful of people I still will use it to keep in touch with, almost all people I have known in real life. There is ONE I haven’t that I really want to keep in touch with, too. One. AND I JUST FIND OUT HE DEFRIENDED ME! and at least 2 others I’m surprised by. That he defriended, not that defriended me. So I am like WTF? Last I knew we were on good terms. This is the thing. If I ask the dude why he WILL TELL ME, this is certain. This is not a word-mincer, it’s one of the reasons he’s the only one I would seriously hate to lose. But he can be really goddamn harsh when unhappy with people, and while his judgements are sometimes very clouded with paranois there’s almost always some sort of biting truth to his observations. Dude is PER-CEP-TIVE, another reason I’d hate to lose but why I don’t want to ask. lol….. I don’t want to get all introspective and self-loathing. My feelings aren’t hurt that much by it, a little but not much because I know enough about the guy to know he DOES THIS, and sometimes for good reasons, sometimes for flippant ones, sometimes out of paranoia, there’s just no telling. But I am confused and dissappointed. There are VERY few people I meet that really consistently spark my intellect, and this one does. There are very few truly unique characters in the world and this one is. Whatever. Just needed to babble it out.

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