irene garratt

irene garratt

Coalville Leicestershire, United Kingdom

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Irene here. I am a retired teacher – mainly business studies and skills. I developed an interest in art after retiring and have taken certificated courses. I love painting a wide variety of subjects including flowers, fruit and landscapes.
I am married and have two dogs – Misty and Jack. They love walking – as I do.
I live in Leicestershire, England.

  • Age: 74
  • Joined: October 2007


cards ordered

The cards which I ordered are now beginning to arrive. Excellent reproduction. Many thanks. Irene
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Thank you all

I have ordered the following cards: / Study in Virtual Acrylics by Silent / I’ve got an itch by Midzing / Red Dwarf by Alien Visitor / My first macro photo by Brent Pearce / and three of my robin for my grandchildren / I know that I can look forward to receiving cards of a very high standard having already received one. / Irene / PS Many thanks for the lovely comments. I appreciate constr…
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Received card entitled 'Majorca by Sea'

Excellent quality. I am very pleased with my first order.
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addicted to Redbubble!

You were right – RB is addictive! No housework is being done – good job I have a lady who does some for me once a week. Have a job not to have a look what is going on. / Lovely art work all round.
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