hey there
im here to express and explore and to learn more about writings and arts.
most of my works are based on real life experience and phases that i gone through in my life..
Hope my work entertain all of you out there..!

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Perplexity… You made me open up / When I was not ready / And left me in the mist of calming down / You acted as if everything was okay / Okay to avoid… Sorrow I have gone too far now.. / Its better this way.. / Coz’ I can’t go back anymore.. / Lets’ Just be this way.. / I wish things were the sam… Pure Resentment Wrecking your soul apart, I wish / The way you destroyed my hope / Cut your heart deep, I scuffle / Just as how you shattered mine / Poach… Alienated path… Surrounded by laughter of friends.. / In search of your smile.. / Alone I might seem… / Hands try to reach for you.. / Heart longs for your… Endless love I was sorrow and lonely, / Displaced from this world / When out of nowhere, / You emerge as God’s send gift / Swap me off my feet, / Simply… Enough is enough I strive to be heard / To be noticed / I have had enough of you being selfish / And treat me like a piece of shit / All you want is to be … I miss you Like the tree needs the earth, / Like the night needs the moon, / Like the star needs the sky, / Like the guitar needs the tune, / My world… Accept me… I have my own reason of whom and what I am, / Although nothing much to be proud of my past; / It’s a Past that has shaped me to what you se… Each passing day… Birds have gone missing, / Nobody know how it feels.. / Skies are darken with lightening, / Nobody know how it feels.. / Stilled in the d… Changed or is it? Once a serious faced, / Takes things just as it is on the surface / Never to think beyond each step / Undeveloped curiosity… / Now a jovial… Life… Real life, / It’s a short play, / In everyone’s life, / Each of us is a good actor, / Should be awarded Oscar. / For every expression, / An… The mist of unseen Standing on the jetty / Middle of the deep sea, / Looking down at the waves / Sets heart feeling heavy / Of the fear of something falling …