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I’m always delighted to photograph a cloudy sky. Having grown up in the arid Southwest, I treasure even the whisper of water. The textures and rhythms of our planet – in rocks, cliffs, trees, oceans – enthrall me, leave me musing about the eons it took for our mountains to grow, our rivers to find their paths, the infinite number of times waves have broken on an outcropping.

I wonder always at the forgotten stories inherent in abandoned houses, cars, old buildings . . . I wonder and stop to photograph.

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Thank you, Mystery Buyer!

And a huge “Thank You” to the mystery RB’er who bought a large framed print of my photo, “Surfing the Old Road!” May it bring you much enjoyment — / Gale
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Surfing the Old Road

A big Thank You! to the mystery buyer of a large framed print of ‘Surfing the Old Road.’ This 1940 GMC panel truck always draws a crowd at New Mexico Route 66 car shows and was great fun to photograph; I hope you derive much enjoyment from the print. / Thank you! / Gale
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Busy, Erratic Year

Fellow RedBubblers: / One of my joys in life is posting and following so many of you on RedBubble. It’s always a pleasure to check in on what has been posted on a group — or just to spend a couple hours “excursioning” through new groups and artists’ work I haven’t seen before. / I’ve been fairly erratic in my Redbubble visits the last year. S…
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Thank You, Mystery Buyer!

And a hearty Thank You! to the mystery buyer who bought 10 cards of “Low and Gold” ~~ may you and the recipients enjoy them as much as I enjoyed photographing this classic.
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