They come to sit at The Bar every night
There’s Leroy with his big appetite
Then there’s James and Henry
They just want to be gay and free
There’s Sam who hits on every woman there
One actually slapped him and pulled his hair
But that didn’t make him change his mind
Wanting love he tries desperately to find
That one little loving miss
That will spend some time and give him a kiss
Jake sits down at The Bar’s end
All alone..without a friend
Shot of whiskey in one hand
Listening to the Rock & Roll band
Wonder what goes on in his mind
Stares into space all the time
Then there’s old Harvey who sings along
Knows every single Rock & Roll song
Flirts with the Bartender, that’s me
I think he’s really cute, you see
His face always has a big smile
I always talk to him for awhile
He tells me stories of another time
And always mentions that I look mighty fine
Jane sits with her husband Will
There is something about him..that frightens me still
Stories have been told of his abuse
For this Jack has never had an excuse
He’s a bully that will always start a fight
We try to control him most every night
My favorite patrons I would have to say
Are friends Andy and Charles they have a special way
Of lighting up the room when they come in
And telling everyone of imagined places they have been
Being a Bartender is not what it is said to be
The tips aren’t great and my feet always hurt me
But all these people have become my friends
Regulars at The Bar..the fun never ends

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I bartended for awhile …. and it was hard … the people were really fun … and
it was certainly an experience


bar, bartender, fun, people, rock, roll


  • lolowe
    loloweover 6 years ago

    That was cute. You know, it’s funny because I always wondered how a bartender’s life must be. I thought it was glamorous and full of sex and stuff like that, but the image you captured is really humbling, observant and very very sweet. It puts a whole new spin on things doesn’t it?

    Really nice work Sally :]

  • Gregory John O'Flaherty
    Gregory John O...over 6 years ago

    Yes well written Sally, a good yarn. I did it for awhile when a teenager, not quiet as enlightenning as driving cabs, but it is amazing what people will tell you at the bar. Thanks…

  • Greg, So true…they told me everything from the time they were born
    until the time they were sitting on the bar stool….but I must admit
    it was lots of fun…and my son owned the restaurant which
    was a plus…he’s a musician…and that’s what he does now…I don’t
    bartend anymore….Thank you so glad you enjoyed the poem..Sally xxoo

    – Sally Omar

  • Sally Omar
    Sally Omarover 6 years ago

    Lolowe, It is really hard work…I would get home 4:00A.M. and be exhausted…tips were not
    always that great…but the people were really fun…my son owned a restaurant and I did it to
    help him…he would have Karaoke…which was a riot…we were never ashamed to make fools
    of ourselves…I would always go up with one girl who came to the Bar everyday and waitressed was a riot…he had bands on the that was nice…and there were
    times when really young guys would hit on me (compliment..made me feel really good)…but
    I had the same view of bartending as you..until I did it..I then realized bartenders work really glad you enjoyed the poem…thank you so much…Sally xxoo

  • Aritheeagle
    Aritheeagleover 6 years ago

    Yes that is so true……

    Many years ago….. the bar was my haven….. my getaway from a hard days toil and sweat….. a place to share smiles and thoughts and chatter and laugh without a care. It allowed me to observe people without impunity…… and allowed many good and bad to come and go. The gals and guys were always such fun to be with…… screeching and giggling, gufawing ……as Mr Alcohol made his way to the spheres of reason and logical thought. A great place to be in….. and the bartenders – boy… was it a tough buck to earn standing behind the bar…. smiling…. taking orders…. displaying total confidence in their control and knowledge of the beverages….. spinning martinis, pouring shots……. sliding a bowl of roated peanuts down the length of a bar to a customer, flipping a bottle of Gin!

    I used to wat ch all this with total amazement….. total awe at time. Actually at one time… was so very inclined to go and get my BarTenders License incase !

    By the way – my very best friend Sparky who is a teacher by profession and now resides in LA used to bartend evenings for the extra biucks and the socializing…. and that is how I got acquainted.

    BAR tenders are quite humane and connected cause they understand people very well.

    Thanks Sally

  • Ari, I bartended when my son had a restaurant a few years ago…it
    was hard..but the people were really fun to be around…never any
    big brawls…my son had total control (because he doesn’t drink)…
    most of the people were really sweet…but I would never want to do
    that full time…I now always tip a little extra to waitresses and bar-
    tenders although my husband and I rarely frequent
    bars (neither of us being big drinkers) because I know how hard it
    is to earn money in these professions…thank you so much…glad
    you enjoyed this poem and it brought back memories… Sally xxoo

    – Sally Omar

  • Dawnsky2
    Dawnsky2over 6 years ago

    just like a little snap shot into The Bar,,like looking through a window,,well done Sally..x

  • Laura, Thank you so much…as hard as it was…there were times it
    was alot of fun…people were normally so sweet and just looking for
    a little company…so glad you enjoyed this poem…Sally xxoo

    – Sally Omar

  • amarica
    amaricaover 6 years ago

    Sally, wonderful portrayel. This could be any bar in any town. Been there done that and have met and known people just like these. Our lives are so much alike and yet so different. What an amazing world we live in.

  • Amarica, Thank you so glad you enjoyed it…yes…it was
    a typical bar..there were “regulars” there every night..although
    difficult..long hours..many times small was fun..the patrons
    were looking for fun..friendship and a smile..I really was so fond of
    so many of them…Sally xxoo

    – Sally Omar

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