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  • Age: 30
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Graphic design.

Carbon Cats / Check out my websites and the projects I have completed and currently working on. / I thoroughly enjoy working with many different clients who all have their individual styles. / Especially when they let me loose with my own decision making on the best way to show off their products/services. / Let me know what you think.
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My New Site

Hey I’m determind I’ll admit that. / Please take a look and comment… or buy summit lol. / TweeK this
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Dirty Paws

lol, now I cant post the url cuz of the rules… but if your interested, mail me and ill send it to you. / Do you have an wild imagination? / Do you secretley wear your partners underwear whilst their away? / Or do you just love to dress up? / It’s FREE to register. / You will have your own profile and images of yourself looking from cute to sexy or just damn scary. / This is an adult site only so …
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New Job

It’s been about 4 years, but I’ve got what I wanted. A job as a graphic designer. / I had my interview yesterday and got the answer there and then, I was gob smacked. / It’s a great little company and the guys are pretty cool. They love my style and aren’t stuck up like those bigger companies in their suits and ties. Which is good as I have this terrible habit of wearing …
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