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Jan Landers

Jan Landers

Estes Park, Colorado, United States

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Sowing the Seeds of Life....for Us All....

If you want to get involved in a project that truly connects us All to each other and to the Earth, then please check out this wonderful idea from Terri

seeds of life

I think you will agree it’s an awesome concept! Thank You, Terri, for starting a wonderful chain reaction that will make a real difference in Our World….Life After Life….

Mitakuye Oyasin….We Are All Related…..

Maggie did it!!!!

As many of you know, Katagram
set up a PayPal account for Tammy & Lynn a couple of weeks ago. Then, a generous RBer donated a $20 RB Voucher to be raffled off….everyone who donated at least $5 to the PayPal account was to be put into a drawing which was to take place Wednesday, March3.

A day later than I promised, I sat down this afternoon with the list of RBers who donated …I wrote the names on a piece of paper…carefully cut them apart with the paper cutter, folded them neatly and lay them on my notebook on the coffee table…I was about to get a hat to put them in so that I could draw one as the winner of the $20 RB voucher which was donated to help raise money….

Maggie was lying on the futon and all of a sudden, she jumped down, causing one of the names …

Guess What????

A kind-hearted and generous friend here on the bubble has offered a $20 RB Voucher up for raffle to benefit Tammy & Lynn in their time of need. This is how it works…when you donate $5 or more to the Paypal Account set up by Katagram for Tammy & Lynn, your name will be put into a drawing for the voucher. After 2 weeks, I will get all the names from Kat, put them on slips of paper in a bowl and will draw the winner, who will then receive the code for the voucher! Sound like fun? Yeah, baby!!! And you will be helping your fellow RB family member and her hubby with some mounting medical bills and other expenses which have built up during Lynn’s 26+ day stay in the hospital….your Heart will Smile and you will feel all warm inside….all for only $5!!! I say …

Joining Hands....

Hello to you all,
We have a Friend in great need among our RedBubble Family….and i do consider this community a big Family…

Please take time to read this cry for help and if you can find it in your Heart, please help. We are all in this Life together, and every time we extend our hand in Generosity, it benefits us all….what goes around comes around….we never know when it might be our turn to need assistance. I think we all can relate to a time in our life when someone gave from the heart to help us….it’s a ‘feel good thing’ for the giver and for the one who needs help.

This Community is so full of Heart and I believe we will respond in a big way to lift up our Sister and Brother who are in need of our support right now…every little b…

Details, Details....

If you have not met elkmaster5,
please do check out his gallery…..he does some absolutely stunning nature drawings with such incredible detail….some really nice photography as well….let’s give him a big warm welcome him to the bubble…..

i think you will really enjoy browsing through his work….he is truly gifted!!!

where did they go?

is anyone else still waiting for holiday orders from rb?

i ordered two calenders for christmas gifts and i was told they were shipped on december 7… it is january 11, over a month later, and they still have not showed up! i was so frustrated about it for awhile and angry that they could not be tracked, but now i am just in wonderment…..if they have not arrived in my mailbox….where did they go?

dazed and confused i am….and just wondering if anyone else had the same experience or is it just me?

regardless, it’s a new year and a new time… the big picture of things, this is nothing to sweat, i suppose… onward and upward for 2010….it’s gonna be an awesome year!!! i feel it…..

many blessings upon us all,

Before I Go....

Before I leave for a Holiday visit with my family in Texas, I would like to say a big Thank You to the group hosts who have featured my work lately:

Featured in Peace, Love & Happiness Hippies

Featured in M.I.A. Music Inspired Art

Featured in The Woman Photographer

Featured in Ethnic Art

Featured in Show Me a Sign

I am always so honored and grateful to be featured among so many amazing Artists here on the Bubble. Thank you to all you group hosts for all that you do here….and thank you to all of you who take time to see my work and to offer up your kind comments of support. I appreciate you all more than words can say.

Early tomorrow morning I will be flying off to Texas for some family time & will return to Colorado on January 5. I will not be around the Bubble much, but …

Going Down...

Going down on my prices, that is….. :-)

I’ve been thinking about the economy and how the situation, at least here in the USA, can cause us to rearrange our priorities, and sometimes that can mean that buying Art or other things for ourselves may be moved to the bottom of the list. I feel that Art is so important to enrich Life, so I have decided to lower the percentages that I receive on all my Art and Tees. I have reduced them by 10-20%, hoping that it will make it more feasible for someone who might want to purchase something, but just feels the cost is a bit too much for the budget…I have found myself in that position at times….just a bit short of funds for something that really inspires me… so I know how that feels.

At this Holiday Season, the Season of…


Hello to all my RB friends…..
Just checking in and realizing that I have missed soooo much wonderful Art lately. I have been busy working on gifts for the season and spending time outside while our weather is still nice enough….
I have not been commenting much or even seeing your amazing uploads, and there is no way I can ever catch up….
Please know that I am with you in Spirit always and ever supporting all the Inspirational Creative Energy here on the Bubble….
Much Love to You All,