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Dwayne Boyd

Worcester, United States

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Run Away My thoughts lack focus. / As I try to live in the moment, / my mind wanders on to the next: / My body can’t enjoy the ride. / My spir… Into The Beginning Words are reflections of thought; / reflections of lessons learned. / Badges earned. / Attempts to / communicate / the way one feels / abou… Change In The Wind It all begins with a change in the wind. / Small flakes / begin to fall. / The most one can hope for is / the memory / of warmth. / Echoes… Digital Camoflauge Rearrange the scene / to confuse perceptions. / Divide and conquer, / Plunder and ransack / the ideas I try so hard to protect. / Secrets … Moving On I almost left without saying a word. / Slipped away in silence. / Not to be heard. / Instead, I’ve decided to / leave a mark; / proof… Think Twice When the ideas fail to flow / the words get stuck. / When I can’t say what I feel, / It just leaves others to question / my intention… Drag A Shovel In the silence, / I make noise. / In darkness, I / use my energy to create / a flash. / Stillness is what / I must rage against / to keep … Ask Colonel Mustard I want to connect. / I can’t be any more direct. / I’m here. / It’s clear. / I am not / hiding behind / any symbols. / I… When One Speaks Science or magic? / Comic or tragic? / All of the above / apply. / When one speaks of, / Love. Dark Inspiration I had the spark. / Then, it all went dark. / Silence all ’round / No light to be found. / Alone wtih just my thoughts; / voices add t… Nothing Left To Say I’m at a loss for words. / I wish I knew how to / convey the message. / Diagrams have been drawn already. / Signs have been displayed… Workout Today, I walked a different path. / It wasn’t hard to do the math. / Tired of the absolutes. / I was moved by the / force of change … Left Here I feel I must say this quickly. / Before memory fades, into / the end of my day. / So fleeting are the moments in which / I feel the though… True Objects Visual creatures / distracted by / symmetric / features; / Obscured by / fashion, / true objects of / passion are rarely / seen by the othe… To Become A Master It seems like I forgotten / more than I’ll ever know. / My mind is just a resting place / for thoughts that come and go. / The ones I… The First Move I wish I knew just what to say. / Get to the point; / Be brief, witty, / succinct. / Might I use a quotation / to move your / imagination? … In This World I should be asleep. / Escaping the weight of / everyday. / Entering the realm / of possibility. / Rules are changed. / The game, rearranged… Decisions Searching for meaning / requires effort. / Sometimes a bright lamp / and a pick axe / are required. / Words represent: / thoughts, ideas… Subtext Search through / the subtext. / Sift through / the symbols. / understanding / is never / simple / to achieve. / If, in fact, / one’s… I’ve Always Wanted To Write A Song I’ve always wanted to write a song. / I was never blessed to play an instrument. / I want to feel what it’s like to move a cro… It’s Not What You Say It’s How You Sa… When I hear your voice, it / stirs something within. / I think back / to a time / long before / now. / Resposibility / and Obligation / we… Soundbytes & Singles It’s no secret, access to information / has become easier. / The message arrives quickly; / split-second decisions / drive us forwar… Freefall Tell me it’s impossible! / C’mon, I dare you. / Those who say it can’t be done / are imprisoned by / fear and doubt. / Fe… Dizzy I walk in circles / trying to find the end. / With every step, / change is ‘round the bend. / I’ll never be ready / for what co… Am I me? What do you see? Exposing something deep inside / No longer can I let it hide. / It’s the piece to the puzzle / I feared I’d lost. / In the chao… Simply I want to say it simply. / No need to clutter the message / with words. / I want to say it simply; I want it to be heard. / If I scream fro… Restore Sight The past makes you cautious. / Lessons learned; / fire burns. / Time heals; / faith can shield / one / from the cruelty / of life. / Can it… Call Me Crazy Who decides what is of sound mind? / Crazy can’t always mean / mentally deranged; / demented; insane. / In fact, I believe / it̵… Reply To The Media Man The television tells one / what to think. / It tells you the car to drive and the beer to drink. / Life is barely possible without the rig… Thunder’s Voice In the silence / I sit and listen / for the echoes of / your last words… / It’s moringtime / and all I hear / is the song / of … Before We Speak Why is it that my mind creates / situations that are remarkably / different from reailty? / Highlight reels of: / built-up dramas, / confr… Bone To Pick This is no time for childish games… Inner Voices I await the sound of / the voice in my head / to tell me the words. / My heart speaks quickly / to say something instead. / My body ignores… Something Earthbound The soul will / not sit still / for long. Time’s River Trying not to be / influenced by / the words I’ve heard / others say. / Imitation, / the sincerest / form / of… / nicking / i… These Things I Wonder The moment past. / It was there / as I looked last. / Now, it’s gone. / Not to be found. / I’ll just waste more time / If I lo… Reeling Distractions are a wonderful thing. Dented Is there a dent / in the armor? / Invincible youth / gone? / Ignore the signs / and there’s / a price to pay. / Can’t continue… Collecting Time Sand Before I’m fully aware / of the reality, / the moments I’ve collected / have escaped my grasp. Lost In Flow I’ve surrenderred; / I’m letting go. Need It Now We have become / a world of beings / who “need it now.” / Most don’t care / how it is gathered, / collected, or / compile… Soul Fruit Philosophers / and farmers / are both trying / to nurture ideas / and ideals. / Feeding soul / and body / with their / friut. / In the q… Must Be A Sin Should we? The Things That Should Be Said There are many things that I should say to you each day. / Life moves at a whirlwind pace. / Time escapes and disappears. / Weeks and month… In Chaos looking out; / reaching in / looking in; / reaching out. / trying to find / feelings. / afraid to go / without. / unsure what / it’s… Generation X: What’s Inside The Box? Generation X is the term used to label the current generation of people in their twenties. Before we came along there were the hippies, the… Inspiration overrheard words / from random conversations, / scraps of paper scrawlled / with phillosophical / quotations, / speeches delivered / to mo… Carefully Tended Once they / rise, / the darkness / will retreat. Someplace I / imagine / someplace / different. / A place where, / people are kind. / a place where, / the sun shines. / a place where, / music pl… It Can’t Be Said So much of what we communicate / cannot be said; / a gaze, / a glance, / a touch, / a sigh, / a painted / fingernail. / Now, is not the t… Freezing Moments In Time The words are traces / of thoughts I’ve had. / Markers of memories / and days / gone past. / As long as a spark fires, / to light t… Asleep? As I lie here, / I check the backs of my eyelids for holes; / search my dreams for tales untold; / allow my plans / and schemes unfold. /… Mind’s Eye Lie When I picture something / in my mind’s / eye, / the actual event / seems like a / lie. / Ideas try to hatch as my skull cracks / … Unless I Try I must steal / a moment to think. / Standing on the edge / of a cliff / my toes are just beyond / the ledge. / A strong wind can test / … Why Do I Care? I want to live life as if no-one / was watching. / Why do I care what others think? / I don’t want to sit still long enough / to suff… This Is Not Freestyle If it’s premeditated, / or I take some time to think. / It’s not freestyle. / Thoughts have to spring / from the top of my hea… Curiousity If it makes sense / it doesn’t happen. / If it makes sense don’t / do it. / Wait, what’s that smell? / What’s that … Live Today I heard someone say, “Yesterday’s history / and tomorrow’s a mystery…so live today.” / Why is it so difficul… Wordplay You treat me like a child / when you say: “Put your toys away!” / I get confused by / the reaction. / My focus / disturbed / b… Stripped Naked I whisper this / in a stolen moment. / There are no curtains / to hide behind. / I dig deep inside for / the courage / to say what I feel. … Less of a Wait I wish I could be there. / Instead, I’m here. / I’m locked away; / wasting the moments / of this day, until / I’m release… Fire Inside Her Weapon of Choice is the fire inside. / She speaks her mind with little to hide. / Some may think she / shoots from the hip. / Look agai… Mindsong I need to give / the voice in my head / a song to sing. / I need to occupy / my brain; / I need to satisfy / my soul. / My body is electri… Wilful Suspension of Disbelief There’s an entire universe that exists / beyond our own. / It defies the natural / laws we’ve grown to / accept. / At times I … Bridge The Gap Is there poetry / without words? / Is there music / without sound? / I believe these truths exist. / Communication can’t happen / wit… The Gift Of Moments Why is it that I am often looking forward? / Rarely, am I in the moment. / I know this / and I / am / somehow / unable / to control / the… Voice It speaks to me. / The meaasge comes quietly / in moments / when I expect it / least. / It speaks to me as I try to / focus on the dayR… Read at Your Own Risk My mind tries to find / patterns left behind. / Occupied by simple tasks; / distracted by sparks / of inspiration. / Connections firing ins… What Do You Want? I give you / my soul / and still / you want more. / I give you my heart / and you ask, “Is that all?” / I give you my body, th… Make Sense? Taking a quick look / toward the second hand / of my watch, I notice it’s still moving. / I don’t have much time. / I have to… Destiny’s Master I can barely hear thoughts / over the white noise. / It’s hard to focus in the middle / of storm. / Dreams don’t take shape; /… Love Is The Energy You’re stuck. / There’s no pill / to cure this ill. / This is just who you are right now. / The condition is rarely permanent. … All Eyes On I-Z-Z-Y The time has come, my friend. / You’ve reached the end of your / employment. / Now the time is here, my good man, / to: “ENJOY YOUR ENJOYME… “F” Words It feels like this feeling could last forever. / The concept of forever conjures / more “f-words”. / Insert your favorite / rig… Adjust Your Set I will try / to put / my / thoughts / in an understandable / form. / My feelings boil to / the surface. / But others can’t / see … Stay in When you think something is lost, / allow your mind to quiet. / Do not surrender hope. / Tie a knot / in the rope. / Hang on / Let thoughs … I Will Offer No Acts of Contrition I want to be set on fire. / I wish to feel desired. / I need to touch both sides / of the wire. / Complete the circuit; / restore communi… Don’t Buy The Message It’s hard for me to be at ease. / My mind conjuring images / of poverty, pain, and loneliness. / In this life, / I tend to let the fe… Quickly To The Conclusion I truly want to be someone you look up to. / I never wanted to be one to let you down. / Something’s gone out of focus. / Balance ha… All Alone Now, you are away from me. / I anxiously await your return. / The house is silent. / I can’t wait to feel you / again. / My mind / p…
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