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They say our paths are written.
Who then writes my path, I say?
Show yourself.
Tell me your reasons.
Must you test me once more?
I find myself asking, have I not proved myself thus far?
My heart is pure and my will is strong, yet my mind is…
My mind is…


You fill my mind with questions; try to cloud my better judgment
But my mind is clear now.
I’ve been here before, I recognise this place.
It was darker before, much darker, but I know it too well.
I was kicked to the floor, tormented and downtrodden
But still I arose.
I turned that corner you laid there before me
Turned and became a better man, a stronger man.

This path you write is not easy.
You may test me, but still I will not be beaten.
You see, I am strong now… you made me strong
If you must try me again then watch as I pick myself up,
Dust myself down and turn this new corner.
For I have a goal, a place to get to on this path that you write.
My goal is sweet,
My goal is my one desire.
She has a gift for me and I a gift for her.

I pause for a moment on this path of mine, my anger subsiding.
Reaching out, I draw a line in the sky
My fingers tracing the lines of her face from memory.

I smile.

Emotion shoots through my body as if caressing her face for the first time.
I see her eyes,
Smell her hair and feel her cheeks, her soft lips…

But then I am forgetting myself, for you know her face well
If it is true that you have written my path, then you have written hers too.
You had already planned for our paths to meet
To be entwined, like snakes, as lovers for all time.

I realise we are like pawns in your game
But you know my mind now, you know my next move.
You may lay a difficult path,
But I will not stray; I will not turn back and seek the easy route home.
Your reasons are clear now
And my goal is insight.

So, watch now as I step forward on this path that you write.

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If life is too easy then perhaps you are not trying hard enough for something you really desire.


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  • Stuart Chapman
    Stuart Chapmanalmost 6 years ago

    Hang in there buddy. Beautifully written and I hope getting pen to paper (in a literal sense) helped clarify things a little.

  • Paul Tupman
    Paul Tupmanalmost 6 years ago

    Thanks Stuart… that’s what it’s all about, dusting yourself off, making sense of all that is going on and pushing forward!

  • Mark Bateman
    Mark Batemanalmost 6 years ago

    Here’s me reading a history of the English language, and having got to Shakepeare’s time and I read this. It has strong echoes of some of his sonnets. Well done Paul – great writing. As Stuart suggests is this autobiographical? If so hang in there and push through. There’s light there..

  • Wow! Thanks Mark, although I believe Shakespeare may be turning in his grave today!
    I guess most writing should be drawn from some form of personal experience, unforseen obstacles for example that need to be pushed out of the way…

    – Paul Tupman

  • Mel Brackstone
    Mel Brackstonealmost 6 years ago

    Wow, wonderful writing, Paul!

  • Thanks so much Mel… I always enjoy putting a few words together once in a while!

    – Paul Tupman

  • dbiggins71
    dbiggins71almost 6 years ago

    This is powerful stuff Paul, and I can certainly empathise…beautifully written.

  • Thanks Dan… I really appreciate that. :-)

    – Paul Tupman

  • taueva
    tauevaalmost 6 years ago

    Love the clarity and passion!!! Well written and full of determination and purpose. Well done!

  • Thanks taueva… definately lots of determination and purpose behind this!

    – Paul Tupman

  • Claire Armistead
    Claire Armisteadalmost 6 years ago

    …if you feel her cheek, wipe away her tears as she reads your beautiful words. Beautifully written xxx

  • … if it is raining then someone somewhere is crying. Would you believe that it rained here briefly yesterday! The sun is shining today though… :-) Thinking of you always. x

    – Paul Tupman

  • Heather Davies
    Heather Daviesalmost 6 years ago

    Such beautiful passionate words! :)

  • Milos Markovic
    Milos Markovicover 5 years ago

    You are a sensible man and a gifted writer, Paul.
    Do not stop doing this…

  • Lynette1
    Lynette1about 3 years ago

    This piece really moved me. Beautiful……………

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