I just fell off my chair! Right Here, Right Now... Framed!!!

Wooohooooo!!!! Crack open the box of champagne, light the cigars and Ferrero Roche all round for everyone… but monsieur with this sale you are really spoiling me!

Ok, compose yourself Paul, you’re in a public forum now… yes, yes I’ve been told I can get a little excitable about things, but this is all so new to me. A first sale, is mind blowing, further sales is like happiness in a jar… 5 sales in 1 go is time to do the happy dance… but a Framed Print… They like me, ma.. they really like me! Oh I’m so proud.. Right Here, Right Now venturing out into the world with his brand new shiny frame… doesn’t he look a picture… oh yeah, that’s right…

Thank you all so much… I’ve been totally floored this week and to add another cherry to the cake, whilst lying here on the floor I have noticed that me and Kate have have hit the Community page with our collaboration and competition win, Secrets Unfurled

Thanks again to anyone who has taken the time to comment on my work and even more thanks to anyone who has stopped and looked a little bit longer and found themselves being enticed to that Buy button. There are no secret subliminal “Buy me, buy me” mesages in my work… honest!

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