Re-working the back of my folio...

Well, I’ve been here on Redbubble for a little while now and loving every minute of it… seeing all the great work, meeting so many talented people and not forgetting all the great inspiration!

Looking back through my folio, I’ve decided it’s high time (already) for a bit of a shake up… I’ve got far too many pieces back there sat twiddling their thumbs or stuck elsewhere, doing nothing!

Actually, I can see why.. and some of them aren’t shots that I would want to represent myself now. It’s not that they were bad shots to begin with (some questionable), its just that they don’t fit with the style that I have emerging now after benefitting from my time on here – well, perhaps 2 styles if you count my light hearted shadow work!

Anyway, instead of just throwing them out, I’ve decided to look at them one by one, re-work the images I feel have potential and re-upload as new works, removing the original… I’m not after comparisons here and you wont remember it anyway! Haha!

I’ve been working on a couple already and submitted the first this morning Curse of the Immortal Soul – a reworking of “Light, Give Me Strength” Anyway, it seems to be doing well, having had more hits and comments in the first 20 mins than the original had in over a month!

I guess I just want to thank anyone who has either commented on or favourited my work, or even bought a piece.. you have all been an inspiration!

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