Three glimpses, or, Haste to the Wedding. London, 17th July, 2010

The Bride, Berwick Street, Soho, 13.30.
Outside Soho Silks are three women, come out of the shop to view a half-made dress in the sunlight. One, patient and serene, holds some fabric up to herself, obviously the bodice of her wedding dress. A second, from the shop and slightly bored, holds a mirror up for her. A third hangs back a little, but looks excited; she is the bridesmaid possibly, enjoying wedding preparations by proxy.

The Hen Night, Cambridge Circus, 15.00
Ahead of me is a group of women with hats. The hats are those “bits of nothing” you can buy to wear at summer weddings, looking most bizarre with jeans and stretchy t-shirts. Two of the women are wearing their hats, leading the pack, linking arms and laughing at the others who have refused to put theirs on. As we congregate, waiting to cross the road, I turn and say, without preamble, buoyed up by London, “tell me about your hats, then!” and realise as I do that the hats are home made from yoghurt pots and net curtains and feathers and pink-headed pins (for voodoo later?).
“We’re on a hen night!” they shout, unnecessarily loud with the excitement of the day. “The others won’t wear theirs!”
Their excitement is so infectious that I shout back, “I love your hats! Tell the others they’re wimps!” I add, “Have a great time!” and we part. I’m still at some inner party when I reach Regent Street.

The Groom, Hanover Street, Mayfair, 16.00
A small argument in the street. A man in an unfinished jacket has his arms peered at by a tailor, inspecting the material in natural light. Blue or black? Has it snagged? In the seconds it takes me to walk past the pair, I feel the irritation and urgency of the customer, the defensiveness of the tailor. I’ve had another tiny glimpse into another’s life.

There. Three scenes I saw in London this weekend. They all happened before my eyes. Were all three groups bound for the same wedding? Unlikely, but possible. I have faith in coincidences. I cling to the possibility.

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Three glimpses, or, Haste to the Wedding. London, 17th July, 2010 by 

Glimpses into the lives of others and a celebration of coincidence.
Somewhat “dashed off,” I’m afraid, but I wanted to record these brief seconds before I forgot them. It’s times like this that I wish I could take decent photographs….


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  • Arcadia Tempest
    Arcadia Tempestabout 4 years ago

    Love your 3 snapshots of wedding pre-events.
    And the melding of the possibility of the them being as one..Well that is the writer speaking and yeh I wished the same when I finished reading too..
    A really well penned composition with each scene readily setting up … :))

  • Thank you for praise and favouriting! Fabulous thing, possibility. They could be part of the same wedding, couldn’t they? A million to one chance but still a chance. Things like that keep life exciting, I feel.

    – Tuliptree

  • ian osborne
    ian osborneabout 4 years ago

    An interesting proposition TT. Sharply-observed, well-constructed and, as ever, well-written.

  • Thank you, Ian!

    – Tuliptree

  • Cathal .
    Cathal .about 4 years ago

    this would make a fantastic opening to something bigger. You have introduced us to so many characters without confusion which is a difficult thing to do! I’d love to see them end up at the same wedding and the different roads they travelled to get there.

  • Thank you! I might write about them all ending up at the same wedding but that will be another story. What I liked about seeing all these people in London the other weekend was that I didn’t know if they were all part of the same wedding or not, they might have been, but the enormity of London is such that I have no way of finding out. The possibility just hangs there forever.
    Another quick story: I used to work in a bookshop and one day someone left a video tape behind. It had no box and the label up the side just said, “Marcus.” We put it out on the shelf behind the till so the owner could see it and claim it. In the meantime, we staff members all delighted in the fact that the owner would never know whether or not we’d watched it. A possibility forever hanging over him too and maybe the reason why he never claimed it.

    – Tuliptree

  • madvlad
    madvladalmost 4 years ago

    do cloths make the man
    or does the man make the cloths
    here everyone is trying to wear them
    thats enough story-till next time
    chapter two?—oh not to be self serving?
    but have you read my poems on redb?

  • It occurs to me that I was wrong to include this under the guise of a story as it isn’t. It’s something to tell a friend about (one who wouldn’t think I was mad and wittering on about nothing) and we could say to each other, “Imagine if they were all going to the same wedding!” Perhaps I need to find a plot that would properly incorporate the three elements and also a cynical, scornful onlooker who could be proved wrong as coincidence triumphs at the end.
    I’ll go and read some of your poems now – I’m afraid I’ve been a bit slack on RB lately as my eldest two children are starting school and nursery.

    – Tuliptree

  • FranEvans
    FranEvansalmost 4 years ago

    I am there, watching these events. I can even hear the noise of the traffic!

  • Thanks for reading, Fran! So glad I made you hear the traffic! Ah, London. I used to stand on my balcony, fifteen minutes walk from the Square Mile, and listen to the roar of the capital….

    – Tuliptree

  • BGlatzeder
    BGlatzederalmost 4 years ago

    oh, I love this! It really is almost like the opening to a most interesting movie … and yes, I also like to believe in possibility. Truth is stranger than fiction, they probably were headed to the same wedding ;-) x

  • Thank you! I think I’m going to have to do something more with this, you’re right. Thank you for seeing what I was getting at and joining in the celebration too! Cx

    – Tuliptree

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