woww !! 19 featured and 5 top ten in December

1-allthings is we hands..demolish or found?" was featured in Maximum Exposure
2-allthings is we hands..demolish or found?" was featured in No More Color (Please r…
3-all things is we hands..demolish or found?" was featured in Core [C.O.R.E]

4-sign" was featured in 50 tHiNgS…..(Please … 29-12-2009

5-“to be” was featured in ABSTRACT DIGITAL ART AN…27-12-2009
6-“to be” was featured in All Abstract Art 25-12-2009

7-dance African" was featured in 1 In The Beginning – An… 26-12-2009
8-dance African" was featured in " ’ Too Bright ’ “26-12-2009

9-”if i were a child" was featured in Imaginative Realism 26 12-2009


11-abstract woman portre"

TOP TEN my 5 work in november

*1*my work figure in top-10 challange (November Avatar- Purple Portraits) A Fascinating Purple 28-11-2009

*2*my work if iwere a childis Top-10 in challange Inspired Art ~ For O l’ T imes Sake 28-11-2009

*3*autmn is in top 10 group SPECTACULAR SPIRALS (3/24)

*4*visitor in top 10 group Inspired Art

*5*game purple is in top 10 group All Abstract Art

flowers in autmn and Autmn 47 creative works found

! 47 creative works found
Everything Images T-Shirts Calendars Writing Journals Autmn leaves
by Can0n Autumn Lake
by Gavin King My Memories – Past and Present
by Mike SavadWoodstock, VT – A pleasant scene of Gazebo and a Swing
Window Dressing
by punchFrom a house front in Pont Aven in France
Keep on the straight and narrow
by picketty Lifting fog
by chinetTaken on Ebemee lake in ME. on an Autumn day.The fog was lifting for a gorgeous day!
Winter comming
by Nenad Kostadinovic Autmn Leaves
by KnockKnockPhotoThe amazing colors of fall…. / Peidmont SC
“New Nofolk Autumn” -Oil.
by lurlinePainting.
by Aritheeagle“To be satisfied with a little, is the greatest wisdom; and he that increaseth his riches, increaseth his cares; but a contented mind is…

to trust

Iwas trust and send my page all link for she write poem and promote to Dayonda…thank you Dayonda!!!????
I’m sorry my english very iffy..

one futured work and one futured member


thankso much you hosts group shapes&pattern for futured mywork ’ game purple’

thank you so much hosts’ Fantastic Primitive Art ‘2 pics/24 hours’ No photos, nudes, halloween images, or cartoons’for was select ’ futured member’me

awesome today!!25/9/2009

featured my works two !!!!!
1-untitled" was featured in Collective Collage
very thank you, Isa and other hostes Collective Collage
2-REDBUBBLE12 was featured in “I Got The Music In Me”
very thank you ,hosts"I Got The Music In Me’’