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Featured on on 2010-05-13

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One day, I spoke with some kids, and all they seemed to know about pulp monsterism was the sparkling abominations (not even PROPER abominations) that were the Twilight “vampires”. The children of the next generation may never know the electric fire blast of Godzilla, or the tragic love-triangle of King Kong, or what a REAL werewolf’s supposed to look like, or Frankie’s tragic upbringing.

The thought made the real monsters of the world really, really sad. Except Godzilla, who’s just happy he’s well-fed.

For the benefit of them kids, I present an educational and friendly diagrammatic depiction of just a few of our favourite monsters. Call them gateway monsters, if you will.

It’s been over 7 months since your last Teefury print, Terminated March, what have you been up to?

Wow, has it been 7 months? I’ve gone and started my blog at, which was intended as an illustrative outlet but has turned into a writing and humour dump. Also there I’ve introduced a character that I’ve always had in my head since varsity days: Zipperboy. Otherwise my day job in soul-selling (advertising) keeps me busy enough to have barely enough time to keep up the semblance of having a life after I knock off at the dungeon. I mean office. I also made a few odd designs and illustrations here and there in whatever time I could steal in between. Check ’em out.

What inspires you?

Recently? New stuff where you might have been expecting a copy paste, little messages from total strangers embedded in the mp3 you downloaded, layers named after lines from the poem “The Wanderer” from clients who thought it would be interesting. It was. Commenting my phone number and a personal message to persons unknown in html codes for big clients. I’ve also recently started to cite boredom as inspiration, and inspiration as inspiration. Also, The Burning Man, Mandlebrot, Polymathy, and Yoga. For people who can’t be bothered to do it.

I think you got AV mouse printed? Wanna link me?

AV Mouse went and got itself reprinted at the local (South African) label Springleap.
I see they’re sold out on it again though, @springleap – you guys better keep the supply up :)
Here’s the link to the AV Mouse tee

Any shout outs?

The idea in shouting out I guess would be to shout at peeps who might actually see it. So – wazzup goes out to all my tweeps on @Tuism!
Cheers @Eraneyal and all the kind souls at @springleap, @hyprballad, @hadez2000, @Naytally, @rhegan, @clivesimpkins, @cathiehu and of course @jimiyo and @teefury for all the support you can muster for one crazy such as myself!

Started as a designer, then learned that ideas alone can’t create, so I learned to code. Makes games & designs t-shirts!

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  • Octochimp Designs
    Octochimp Designsover 3 years ago

    Hey, great design. I forget which site it was but I saw this used as an example in one of those “how to submit a design to our site” kind of things recently. Very cool work.

  • Tuism
    Tuismover 3 years ago

    Oh wow really? I should be flattered, if I can have a direction to be flattered towards it would be lovely :) Thanks for telling me, I’ll have a look out for it :)

  • popnerd
    popnerdalmost 3 years ago

    Great idea, better execution.

  • Cindy Schnackel
    Cindy Schnackel7 months ago

    Great design!

  • Steve Spavento
    Steve Spavento3 months ago

    haha! cool!

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