South Mountain Road (2007)

I realized that I find the sweetest joy in noting the beauty of the simple things in life. Often it is when we stop and take note of the small, natural occurrences that we can truly appreciate life to its fullest extent. I am intrigued by objects and how they have been impacted by their surroundings; the condition they are left in and the story or possible stories behind it. The symmetry and alignment of the spokes of two wheels, items that have been neglected for unknown periods of time, the natural bend of a road lined with unruly greenery; these are the things that fuel my photography, the things that make up the art of living.

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Returning Home

Having tucked a third year of college under my belt in London, England, just two weeks ago, being back in my native New York for the first time since September (aside from a quick three-week Christmas break) is like falling in love all over again. / Abroad, I swooned over the open farmlands of the English countryside; the sheep, cows and horses grazing as I whizzed by on an overground train or a …
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