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Caldwell, Idaho, United States

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Hello, and thank you for being interested in my work. I am a 66 yr.old (as of 2014) who gotinto photography late in life. I have always been interested in photography, but neverseemed to do anything about it until May of 2007, when I confiscated my husband Georges Kodak EasyShare. I now have a Canon PowerShot SX10 IS. and am thoroughly enjoying it. I am one of those people that see’s something worth remembering ( to me anyway) in just about everything I see, and that is what I take pictures of.I hope you enjoy them, thank you so much for stopping by. Any opinions are welcome, I know I have a lot to learn. Thank you, Diane (Di) (( trueblvr))

It’s time to update my profile…with my new camera.
A Canon PowerShot SX40 HS….loving the 35X Zoom. I hope you enjoy the pics. I take with it. I do still use my Canon PowerShot SX10 IS, still some features on it that I really like. Thanks for the read…Di
PS…all of my work is with hand held camera…tripods are just to cumber some for me.

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Operating Room Awakening

Quote from new TV series about Chicago Doctor’s / Scene…Operating room somewhere in Chicago Hospital / New Young Doctor… / Beaming with pride, chest puffed, has brought back to life a male patient, / deceases for 20 minutes. / Head of Surgery…“How long did you say he was deceased ?” / New Young Doctor, still prideful…“20 minutes Sir.” / Head o…
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I love you all…and I keep in mind that we all have our shortcomings. Some we have had all of our lives, and they have defined us for years, for better or worse. I believe that our shortcomings are also positive, in the way that we are knocked down a notch which is necessary sometimes, but more importantly it gives others the chance to notice and go into help and understanding mode. / I have…
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if someone can give me advice

ok, sometimes when I comment on someones wonderful work I will by mistake click enter twice and can go to delete and change it to one comment…this is great. / BUT, when I comment in the weekly features, like just now in trees, oops, did it twice, and don’t know how to delete that extra, same, ditto, comment… / can I get a hand here? thanks as always / Di, not the all knowing Y…
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New Product Idea

I know there are a lot of you artists out there that are displeased with the fact that RB is becoming such a franchise, But, I was thinking maybe one more product…..since they can make stickers the small size that they are. / How about wallet size pics. I know as a grandparent and animal buff I wouldn’t mind having some wallet size works of my kids, and beloved four leggeds… / …
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