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Sling Shot

Sling shots can be used with either hand. I prefer using my right to hold the base, pulling the pocket back with my left. I got my first sling shot when I was five. Living in New York City I was one of the few kids who owned a sling shot.

There were so few places to shoot. Every chance I got I would go to the roof of our apartment complex and shoot cans. Lining the cans along the edge of the building so I could see what they hit on the ground below added to the fun. I would spend hours shooting cans off the edge of the building, always hoping I would hit a person or something else interesting on the street, stories below.

Eventually, as my aim grew sharper I started shooting at pigeons walking around our roof. I remember the first day I started shooting at pigeons. I hit so many the roof was littered with them. I was so proud of myself. I ran inside to show my mother. She came outside to see my work. She looked and exclaimed, “You disgusting little boy, how could you do this!”

“But Mom, I was just working on my aim.”

“Never ever shoot animals with that thing again.”

She stormed off, leaving me on the roof with my pigeons. I couldn’t get myself to throw them away, so I found a spot behind a massive air conditioning unit and made a feathery pile.

The pile grew. The carcasses from the first, second, third additions began to decompose. Eventually I had a separate pile of bones. I liked to line the bones up from large to small. The pigeon bones were always at the end of the line. I had a nice collection, starting with my pigeons. The cats came next, followed by a good sized pug from the alley across the street. Finally, my mother, her bones came last.

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