Troy Evans

Troy Evans

Kensington, Australia


Look Up.

I’ve been taking photographs for a long time. I was the bespectacled 13 year old who dropped chemicals onto Bubblegummers in the pitch black laundry/darkroom.

I was…not cool.

That’s ok, though, because I didn’t need to be. I could make magic pictures happen, so who needs cool, right?

The thing that’s always fascinated me about cameras, all kinds of cameras, is not what they capture, but how they force us to look at our surroundings.

It’s almost like that extra degree of separation means we can learn to see familiar things in a totally different way.

Living near, and working in, a big city is a little bit like navigating a maze every day. And navigating a maze mostly means my vision tends towards what I like to call Survival Through Spatial Awareness.…