Troy Evans

Troy Evans

Kensington, Australia

Travels with my Pocket camera- Thrift Magic

You’d be amazed at the things you find when you’re in a second hand store. Sometimes it’s shocking, sometimes a bit like winning the lottery (only the thing you’ve won is used and has a least one excessively sticky label on it), but just occasionally, it’s the kind of magic which makes you pause and say to yourself…

‘Um, seriously?’

That is after you’ve stopped laughing.

Below are some of my most memorable moments (alliteration intended) while in search of buried suburban treasure.

(you didn’t think I’d miss out on trying a tiger kaftan on, did you?)

(yes, Herb Alpert is topless on this album cover.)

(I can only imagine how many nightmares these children gave that poor bunny)

(passive aggressive, needlepoint style)

(there’s nothing I can say to this that you won’t already be thinking)

(wearable storybook, anyone?)

(does this look like a powder blue hatchet to anyone else?)

Well, that’s all for now, but there will be more from my pocket camera, and no doubt, more from the weird world of wardrobe wearables (alliteration intended. again.)

Peace Out.

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