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Troy Evans

Troy Evans

Kensington, Australia

You take the Hi-fi and I'll take the Lo-fi.

On a recent trip to New Zealand, I decided to play against type and not attach every camera device possible to my person.

I had never been to New Zealand before, but the endless picture perfect views that seem to be everywhere (not to mention the 9 hours of Hobbit viewing which Peter Jackson gave the world) meant that BIG, AMAZING, and CINEMATIC had been pretty much covered.

Still, I couldn’t not take pictures, so instead I decided to use my pocket camera (aka my smartphone) and play around with some TTV using an old twin lens reflex I argued in my bad Cantonese for in a HK market.

Oh, and it helped that Michael had the spectacular stuff covered.

As my grandfather used to say, don’t gamble unless you know you’re not going to lose.

It was a scary prospect, but it made me look at the smaller things that were happening around me. So the pictures below might not say: HEY LOOK IT’S NEW ZEALAND to anyone else, but they say it to me. And now, to you. Because I just told you.


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