Who Whitewashed the Saltwater Elephant?

Who Whitewashed the Salt Water Elephant?

Exhausted from the tiresome hike,
I flopped down on the ragged rocks,
High up in the hills outside of my home town of,
La Scie, Newfoundland,
As I laid my twelve gauge and grub bag by my side,
I caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye,
A weird and wonderful creature was gliding out of the foggy sky,
You can believe it or not I don’t care,
But I can swear on the Provincial budget,
I saw a White Elephant floating there,
Even thought it was a little foggy,
You would have to agree with what I’m about to say,
Where in the hell flames did this flying Elephant come from,
On such a murky day,
To see a bear, a moose or two, even a lonely caribou,
Would not be that hard to believe, understand or comprehend,
After all we are in Newfoundland,
But to see an Elephant,
High above the boggy land,
I immediately thought to myself,
I must be finally going mad,
The second thought that came to my mind,
As I gazed in wonderment,
At this majestic creature,
Hovering gracefully over the worm infested spruce,
I thought to myself,
I wonder if I shot him would he taste as good as moose,
Without another thought in my mind,
I rammed a slug into me gun,
I never even took good aim,
But when I fired and as you know I’m not a liar!
I blew his head, tusk and ears from here to kingdom come,
Out of the sky the Elephant fell down into the bog,
You must be wondering did he sink,
I would have to reply no,
I’m quite pleased to inform you he brought up across a log,
I grabbed my knife and headed down the hill,
To where the Elephant lay,
In less than an hour of slashing and cutting,
I had the poor creature panched, skinned and bagged,
Not a prouder man in Newfoundland ever walked out of the woods,
For on that day I went hunting grouse and came out with Elephant steaks instead,
It took sixteen months to eat that beast,
But I’m quite pleased to report,
Once you’ve smacked your lips on deep fried Elephant and chips,
All your worries about the Moratorium, cod and no food fishery,
Just seem to fade away,
Many times this tale I’ve told,
But no one seems to believe,
And how can I prove it,
I have no trophy,
For I blew of the poor buggers head!
The moral of this story may not be easy to see,
But I can guarantee all of you skeptics,
If it’s a White Elephant you’re looking for,
Just jump into your car and head out to LaScie,
When you approach the top of the hill,
Heading into town,
You will see him sitting peacefully,
Out on the end of the government wharf,
Our great White Elephant fish plant,
Now the terror of our lives,
A word of wisdom to the unwise of Ottawa,
Before I end this tale, instead of sending us all to schools,
To train for jobs that weren’t there,
You should have used your imaginations,
Took the two billion dollars,
You wasted,
And turned Newfoundland into the great white,
Caretaker flying White Elephant nation?

No animals were hurt in the writing of this story, strictly metaphorical, I wrote this story in the winter of 1991, Political satire written on the mismanagement and closure of an industry that lasted for 500 yrs,50 yrs after joining into Confederation with Canada the Newfoundland fishery was shut down, Moratorium declared,35000 people out of a population of 500,000 were put out of work over night, a way of life destroyed, the coastal towns devastated, some people forgive and forget, life goes on, I to moved on but I will never forgive or forget, every morning before I go to work I face Ottawa our capital and give the government the one finger salute!

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Who Whitewashed the Saltwater Elephant? by 

simple mind …simple words …simple thoughts…
its not about hunting…if anyone finds this offensive i will be more than happy take it down…its just about who killed the Industry/Elephant…the people/me or the goverment/shotgun/knife…


  • CanyonWind
    CanyonWindalmost 4 years ago

    I will approve this because it’s so true and others feel the same way too..
    But believe it or not , I do smell the rot .
    Obama , Polosi , Barney Frank dead Kennedy too .
    They don’t give a hoot , they will give you the boot .
    No bailouts you’ll see , from the Senate or house .
    They would tell you it’s nothing but a mouse .
    While the elephants Sh@t on you too.

  • thank you for understanding…by posting it,it was like the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders…i held this inside for a long time…i dont think i will ever truly forget …its not about hunting…i am not a hunter…i appreciate your recognition of this story more than any other i have posted…sincerely appreciated…

    – Rocky Loder

  • rajahbah
    rajahbahalmost 4 years ago

    Bravo, a stand against beaurocracy gone mad. Well done. Carole

  • thank you…

    – Rocky Loder

  • LisaMM
    LisaMMalmost 4 years ago

    A cleverly crafted metaphor Rocky, to express all the anger, pain, loathing and disgust at the powers that be and just weren’t to be at all. I cannot begin to understand the anger and heartache this collapse of an entire lifestyle had upon you and the thousands of others it affected. However, I do feel your anger,pain and heartache at this huge loss in your life. Something you still feel to this day. I am really pleased that you wrote this and as you say, posting it is like lifting a heavy weight from your shoulders. You have expressed yourself with such raw emotions, powerful and compelling to read. One can never comprehend the reasons behind such devastation of peoples lives, their livings ripped from beneath them. Thanks heaps for sharing this Rocky. I have a real appreciation for what you express here, and admiration. Cheers and keep those salutes flying. :-)

  • thank you so much…i really needed a cup of coffee anyhow…truly appreciated..

    – Rocky Loder

  • sandra .
    sandra .almost 4 years ago

    Yes Rocky, a clever metaphor that you have used efficiently to highlight a dark period in your life and career…and even though I feel sorry to read this story, I also feel pleased for you that you have managed to write it out with an honesty that you now feel as “a heavy weight lifted from your shoulders”…My best to you
    sandra x

  • thank you kindly…appreciated…

    – Rocky Loder

  • trish725
    trish725almost 4 years ago

  • thank you….trish …it means a great deal to me…greatly appreciated…

    – Rocky Loder

  • Trenchtownrock
    Trenchtownrockalmost 4 years ago

    Will come back to this later

  • thank you…

    – Rocky Loder

  • autumnwind
    autumnwindalmost 4 years ago

    great metaphorical write. nothing like this precious outlet…seems once we write it then post, there is a bit of a weight, just a bit, but some – none the less – taken off our shoulders. sending hugs. xoxoxoxoxoxo

  • what you say is so true….thank you…

    – Rocky Loder

  • JRGarland
    JRGarlandalmost 4 years ago

    It seems like you have a legitimate grief to bare against a wasteful government who liminated a working resource to bring in something that has no value whatsoever. I can understand the bitterness and applaud you for taking the best resource for battling the issue without bringing harm to anyone. The pen is a mighty tool that can bring about the changes necessary from the very heart of the people it is directed to. The only battle lost is the one given up on. I hope this brings the desired effect you are searching for.

  • thank you so much…i wrote it at the time of the closure just to keep my sanity,i never thought i would let anyone read it,…your words are appreciated…

    – Rocky Loder

  • acquaridan
    acquaridanalmost 4 years ago

    There is such real power in this piece, mixed with satire and sarcasm and ANGER..A brilliant write Troader, yes a metaphor, for all that you were feeling at the time you wrote it which isn’t lost in anyway in how it translates to the reader…You’re probably not alone in your one fingered salute each morning… and here it’s the same as it is everywhere..relocated offshore, cost effectiveness over people, sold off, cut to pieces, no foresight to the future, consideration of history or contemplation of the devastating implications to those who lost their jobs, their families and their futures!!!

  • thank you for understanding….greatly appreciated…

    – Rocky Loder

  • galaticos
    galaticosalmost 4 years ago

    Great write TroaderMan……… as serious as the subject matter is…. the way you delivered it is excellent…….. Laughing aloud here………

  • thank you….thats what i was looking for….much appreciated..

    – Rocky Loder

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