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Lemonade angels Lemonade angels / surround me / as I sit here / entrenched / by this unusually / sombre springs night, / thoughts are everywhere / as I ad… Blood moon Blood moon / …………………………………. / what’s a meta for, / nothing more / than a charred forest / weeping gently / beneath / a broken / moon / …… Break down,of course! Break down,of course! / I work my way / through the core, / this city is getting the / best of me, / I believe / at times / the hell we … Elitist Elitist / Leaning against tomorrow / I watch the scholars of yesterday, / Dictators of their formalistic worlds, / Masters of their words, … six feet deep and digging? Wipe the lilac kisses / from my mind, / release me from my burdens / just one more time / before the ocean / releases the sun into my real… Life outside the nickel Life outside the nickel / I watched intently / as paladin / released the past / into a blinding snowstorm, / my eyes teared, / my thoughts … foghorn blues and sweet lemon tea… I see it clearly now! / I knew you where there, / watching from afar, / I could hear your bones / rattling beneath the cross, / for you ha… Who cut down the poetry tree? Who cut down the poetry tree? / you want money? / take it, / its sitting / just / inside the door, / free for the taking / surrounded by A… In the plight of the night…………… In the plight of the night…………… / the music was haunting, / voracious even, / life slowed, / time seemed irrelevant, / still the piano keys… Thank god I didn’t buy the socks! Thank god I didn’t buy the socks! / you know? / time / has a way / of / creeping up on you / when / you least expect it, / in / the most u… Threading on the devils tail! Threading on the devils tail! / careful folks, / Its not the way they want you / to perceive things to be, / I saw the deception / written … How many skeletons does it take to open the doors… How many skeletons does it take to open the doors to the future? / Water fall! / there are times, / actually / quite often / in my world an… Chicken and shrimp? Chicken and shrimp / i sit here beneath the burning cross / watching out of the corner of my mind, / they read their books, / their papers,… The awakening! The awakening! / All I wanted to do / was sleep for two or three years, / the numbness of the world / taking my thoughts away, / setting m… Head on! Head on! / tonight, / I sit here alone, / a little sadder,a little older, / a little wiser,a little happier, / a little closer, / to shakin… a shoebox full of a past forgotten All or nothing / I don’t conform / to style / or technique, / there are no dictionaries in my world, / no need for them, / no rights, / no … Beneath the fallen cross! Easter Sunday Morning / …………………………………………. /… Where are they now? Where are they now? / In a darkened room / on a warm winters night, / hidden by the hope of spring, / I release these words / from within t… The recital! The words / were floating through the air / on silken threads / of long forgotten dreams / of a past never lived, / I waited patiently, / f… The sound of frost makes the roses cringe! The sound of frost makes the roses cringe! / what do you do? / where do you go? / on a cold winters day / when nursing ones aches / and p… Bumper to bumper Bumper to bumper / I saw a white tailed mulee / gliding through the winter sky, / seeking clouds of destiny, / touching deadened minds, / f… Everyone needs a little bit of fiber! simple man…simple words …simple thoughts…. The chair in the corner. The chair in the corner / when you have written / ten thousand stories / ten thousand more to come / for a twenty dollar bill / a life long… Death on the ice? Death on the ice / put a knife through / my heart, / gently place your hand upon my thoughts / and touch my soul, / slowly twist it / until… it only snows between now and tomorrow? it only snows between now and tomorrow? / I got lost / In the underbelly of the / city of death, / on a cold January evening, / in search o… The wrong side of yesterday is not so bad? The raven dances a dance of merriment upon my frozen grave!…………… / ………………… Avocado skies Avocado skies / You know? / there’s paintings on the wall, / a ring around the moon, / snapshots of the past / branded upon / my tomb, / … A poem is a lone rose surrounded by the beauty o… A poem is a lone rose surrounded by the beauty of ten thousand dandelions! / ……………………̷… Its Christmas, even on skid row! Its Christmas, even on skid row! / Sometimes ya know, / you know, / i’m talkin to you! / maybe just maybe, / you erase the redline, /… The glaciers are melting while it snows! The glaciers are melting while it snows! / i have to learn to write again, / i have hidden my past in the broken skies, / disguised my li… Fresh out of raisins. Fresh out of raisins. / I was sitting / outside a cheap motel, / with nothing much / on my mind / only thoughts of you, / I was / munching … The ladder is full of splinters! The ladder is full of splinters! / As I sit here / waiting for the world / to end, / for the Mayans / to dance upon the graves of those / t… It was at least twenty miles from home! It was at least twenty miles from home! / We live within the / simplicity of nature, / very few burdens, / to gaze upon, / then for reaso… The wreath. The Wreath / …………………………………. / I see a lady / with a purple … Outside the fence As I look into / my world, / the loneliness of yesteryear / walks quietly by my side, / grasping at straws / I smile / just a little / for … New Fundamentalist? I listen / To the sound / Of bagpipes / Tear up the morning / Dawn / As I dismantle / Humanity / In front of the mirror, / one last time, … dog days,red lights and blank faces….. I’m sitting at a red light, / on the corner / of 118th ave and 149th street, / minding nobodies business / but my own, / of course! / im li… Beyond the mind constant chatter / fills the room / enticing / the minds / of those / willing / to listen, / I just close my eyes / looking / for escape / … always room at da asylum. Ya know folks, / lads,lassies,girls,boys, / ladies, gents, / all those in between and otherwise, / one as to be / plenty careful, / when to… Everyone needs their fifteen minutes. I lay here, / observing the harvest moon, / as it accepts the autumn night, / full of aches,pains,sorrows, / regrets, / I watch, ashamed, /… I really didn’t like the cranberry bran muffin! everyone / wants the sun to shine, / brighten ones day, / enlighten ones heart, / entice the soul, / the muse, / even if all we have is yes… Who are the people in your neighbourhood! Melancholia, / such a beautiful word, / in a sad sort of way, / for today / we drove around, / a middle class neighbourhood, / sorta out of… Bag of bones. Pain / surrounds me, / outside, / inside, / yearning, / churning, / demanding, / Its here, / deep within, / for what am i? / (what are you… I thought it was cheaper i guess, / it’s the beginning, / of the end, / depends on the depth / of ones perspective, / whether you like it or not / perception is not… Northern heat i lay here, / alone, / without thought? / listening to the whirl of the fan / intermingling with the deadness of Bach, / admiring the plain… Unique shiny things the poets and poetess are dying, / as is everyone and everything, / the rest of the world / seems to be alive and well, / (except for you a… Brin bags and rusty nails a sprinkle / of death, / a touch of love, / a splatter of forgotten / memories, / under a desolate, / moon, / loneliness touches your core,… death as no calender life and all the / inbetweeness, / industry,love,birth,lust pain,misery, / beauty, / and of course death, / can and in most cases / will, … the picnic i saw / a one armed man, / walking a three legged dog, / no leash attached, / a one eyed cat, / glared, / hiding behind, / a broken down l… no where to call home there’s a lot of lonely roads / In this world, / of unabated happiness, / we all seem to / seek, / and dismiss at will, / I guess, / this i… The Festifall. I watch reluctantly, / as the destitute, the lonely, / the broken hearted, / and a few others of course, / that I haven’t the words to desc… if these walls could talk by Rocky Loder whats for lunch? by Rocky Loder sunny day by Rocky Loder curtains please by Rocky Loder get outta here by Rocky Loder good morning  by Rocky Loder just a sip will be fine by Rocky Loder Glacier by Rocky Loder house cleaning? It never ends / the gods, / have pushed me far enough, / I refuse to be pushed / any further, / as I lay here, / so contented, / in the sha… Forgotten angels have no say? lost sailors never rest, / they sail the seven seas, / forever more, / seeking redemption from the lives / they left behind, / forgotten a… ink soaked blues! the great artist and poets, / all gather, / at the pro verbial ink well, / spilling words and thoughts, / upon the tear stained parchments,… Leftovers is all I need Silence echoes through / the hallowed halls of insanity, / as my mind comes undone, / I gaze out at my frozen world, / thinking, / perish t… One step closer but still light years away? jotting these few words / on a warm springs eve, / on the brink of 52, / the shitzu / on my lap, / closer to you / than ever before, / I h… Just a dead mans son. Who am I / to write such verse, / really, / it’s / nothing more / than a dead mans curse, / for / who am I, / to I sit here in the s… Look both ways when you cross the street. Golden stilettos / tapping on time, / rose colored toes / ohhh my, / so sublime, / satin skin, / just a blind mans / dreams, / black lace, … raging seas and salvaged words! It tis, / wad it tis,laddy, / nudding moor, / nudding less, / jest sweat,blood, / and a pile of bleached bones, / never ferget / always res… I found it on page 115. The sun is a little brighter / than it was yesterday, / the tree / just a little darker / shade of green, / as I sit here / admiring / the… beast of burden I stand / atop the world, / which is nothing / more than a twenty foot / painters ladder, / waiting patiently, / for hell to freeze over, … Shotguns and hand grenades leave no words behind. my poetry / is rough,tough, / no dictionaries needed, / much like me, / carefree! / just a bunch of words / left over from the roads / that… Steel cages and rabid thoughts. Steel cages and rabid thoughts. / Insanity, / not that far away, / as I gaze out over / this desolate land, / filled with dreams, nightmare… I shot a werewolf just for you and placed dead fl… you know what? / i guess i will write a poem, / yes, / that’s what i will do, / to impress / no one in particular, / but you, / you and you… Ruby red I have waited / for a lifetime / to taste the ruby red, / waited for an eternity / to converse with the / dead, / searched the world, / bot… Medium regular,twelve grain bagel,plain cream che… Everyones here, / On this dreary / April morning, / Even you, / Everyone except spring, / Vinyl jackets, / Happy cows, / Steel toed boots ,… If rumi was here and god was near, I would close … on the shores / of wizard lake, / i watch / the world pass by, / as Leonard / admires the angels, / and god abandons the sky, / dreamin… From the inside i see no more? i open the door, / watch the water flow, / listen to the laughter, / as youth slowly / fades away, / I have done / this / at least / sixty… let the bidding begin i always feel / like, / I’m amongst the dead, / at auction houses,flea markets,pawn shops, / graveyards, / and even, / Christmas concerts, … salty moon! made acquaintance, / with a corpse, / in the summer of 76 / or was that 77, / she was ohhhhh so cold, / I was ohhhh so alone, / even though… turn out the lights,shoot the moon,pass the popco… its all good, / as we lay here, / in the conformity / of our little adobes, / twiddling, / our fingers and toes, / thumbing our noses, / an… Pass the salt please! we sit here, / in our abused little world, / surrounded by / the beauty of abstraction, / blinded by the destruction / of reality, / hopin…
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