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The Khmer Heart

Back to Cambodge (26 January 2010) / It has been 6 years since we were last in Siem Reap and although the humidity, flat landscape, green fields and water logged floodplains remain the same, the frenetic energy and rapid pace of development was startling. / We were warned by Cambodians at the airport and on the way into town that there had been many changes and this was evident by the heavy const…
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The Cultural Attache discovers the joy of Kickapoo

The cultural attache to commence his journey has discovered the delights of a different kind of drink – Kickapoo Joy Juice. Requiring instant dehydration after a few minutes in the KL humidity he guzzled it down declaring it to be “a good citrusy thing”. Kickapoo Joy Juice – The health benefits of which are yet to be determined. / Chips vs. Twisties or are they twistie chi…
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Open heart - Open mind

With an open heart and an open mind we depart Melbourne for a two month journey through Cambodia, Burma, Malaysia and India. Off to a cranky start with only 3 hours sleep under my belt and frenzied cleaning prior to leaving I had planned to snooze for the trip from Melbourne to KL. Just before take off I was abundantly rewarded by bumping into a dear old friend Kathie on the plane. Kathie and I w…
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Syria’s Dream - Rainforest walking

We had the great fortune to meet the lovely Syria who is an ambassador for nature and her knowledge and understanding of the environment is monumental. Syria guided us on the Mulu canopy skywalk which is the longest tree-based walkway in the world some 480 metres long (built by a team that included our caving guide and Guru Paris). As we walked among the ferns and vines some 20 metres above the…
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