I am an artist living in Leicestershire with my husband, dog Harley, guinea-pig Valium and two gerbils Onyx and Eden. I am a very friendly and down-to-earth individual with a creativity that compels me to draw, paint and explore on a daily basis. I don’t have a particular style artistically, because I like to be flexible and sample a range of ways of doing things. My paintings, however, are usually characterised by bold colours and bright images, yet my drawings veer towards the dark and macabre at times. I feel that art tends to be a reflection of either the soul or of a mood and this is usually how I operate. I like doing portraits of animals also as I am a huge animal lover. My favourite colour is purple, my lucky number is eight and I am inspired by the likes of: Van Gogh, Richey Edwards, H.R Giger, Dali, Kurt Cobain, Edvard Munch, Mark Ryden, Jenny Saville, Monet, and of art from graphic novels and manga. I love music and books and curling up by the fire to sleep.

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