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Shakespeare's Sonnet

I’m living in a plastic reality of lies / And all I’m doing is dreaming of the girl I love / Traveling the world looking for her but end in cries / So I go back to my dreamland and lie with the white dove / Where everything is nice and free, is the place for me / She finally comes back to me and changes every-thing / I can’t see it but the demon, it sees me, it can see / So I…
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Gypsy's Dumb Show

Are you ready for your secrets to unfold / And your true mask to be shown / Aw, but don’t feel sold / It’s only deserved, what’s reaped is sown / Your true colors aren’t so bold / Jim Morrison’s your daddy, I don’t think so / Don’t compare yourself to something great, when your merely fool’s gold / Let go, and quit with your dumb show / Second chanc…
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The beautiful, the criminals, and the druggies / different worlds they’ve come from / different habits they’ve taken / The beautiful girl so quiet and still / taking mouth fulls of pills until she is ill / Her mind always lingering / noticing the world, and everything beautiful / but she’d never believe you if you said / she was a part of that beautiful world / The criminal just…
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Fuck the Governent

Collin finally got out of the car, I can’t keep doing this with him. Sometimes he refuses to leave my side. I secretly never want him to leave, but then my life would stand still and nothing would ever get a chance to happen. Like I’ve always read, sometimes you have to let things go, in order for new things to happen. / I threw my car into reverse, and headed down the Anthony Wayne trail, for …
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