Most of these designs are fandom-based. Supernatural, Doctor Who, and just about anything else that’s popular at the moment. I make things in my free time, some of them better than others. If you’d like me to make something for you, send me a little message and I’ll get it done!

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Hey there! Haven’t made a note here in quite a while. I’d just like to let my followers know that my Guardians Dance Club design will be featured and sold on RIPT Apparel’s site on Christmas Day! It’ll only cost ya $10 plus shipping, which is a great price! And they’re really nice, high quality prints, so you won’t be disappointed! / (I need to do some major c…
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Life is Hectic, Here's Some Pillows!

Like the title says, my life has been pretty damn hectic lately. I’ve just gotten through directing my first ever short film in order to graduate on my degree and it’s getting through post-production at the moment. But I’m sectioning off some time to add some new stuff to my collections here! / This new throw pillow cases thing sounds pretty exciting. I’m going to be addin…
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Hello and Happy Holidays!

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve made something new, what with finishing up the term and getting ready to go back home for the holidays, I’ve just had no energy for thinking of things. / That being said, I’ve gotten a huge number of new followers, and I’d like to thank you for giving me a little piece of your souls MWHAHAA. Sorry. Third cup of tea, 1am, should …
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Hey guys, just a little signal boost, I’ve got a couple of my designs up on TeeVolt, which is limited shirt selling site much like Teefury and Qwertee. If you could go and vote for these designs, give ‘em a good rating and all, if any of them get picked then they’re pretty damn cheap! You can find the couple I’ve got up here:…
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