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Fernley, United States

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I want to say…

…I am sorry I do not say much. I look a lot and enjoy a lot, but I am VERY self-conscious about every word I say. / If it makes you feel ANY better I say a lot more online than I do to ANYONE in person. / When I do talk I find it much easer to be silly, then if people laugh at what I say, well, that means they are supposed to. / Everyone here is very talented, and I want to say so, but I fear it…
Posted about 7 years – 1 comments

Putting a Portfolio Together, and Showing it.

So, I am putting together my portfolio to take around to galleries and local businesses. I am not sure what to do next, just take it around and show them. Do I leave them business cards or maybe postcards. All of the work I have done up until now has been word of mouth, and most of it has been a specialized something (a logo, commissioned work, that sort of thing). I am not sure if I should direc…
Posted about 7 years – 2 comments

Waiting for the Storm.

That title sounds so deep….as it should, as up to 10 feet of snow is expected in the Sierras. This is supposed to be the biggest storm we have had in 50 years, which is longer than my life time, and only slightly less than my parents. / Just thinking about it brings back memories of sitting in the back seat of the car and going past walls of snow. It was mesmerizing. As strange as it sounds I…
Posted over 7 years – 4 comments