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I am an abstract artist and commercial photographer based in the South East of England. I specialise in food and corporate photography, but also love to make abstract images and use my collection of vintage film cameras.

All of my paintings are based on australian aboriginal paintings and technical drawings from my biology days. They all reflect my emotional state/reaction to events (not always significant!). All are hand painted in acrylics on canvas. Originals mostly available for sale – please mail me for details

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I don’t have a lot of luck with stairs, I have lost count of the number of times I have fallen down them – I cut my leg open, fractured my wrist, bruised my coccyx, twisted my shoulder etc etc all over they years. 5am this morning I did it again and just bruised my arse and elbow – nothing serious, but I’m getting too old for this stunt-woman business and just felt like v…
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Not one to blow my own trumpet...

But I’m pretty chuffed – ‘deep blue’ got a homepage feature and a sale this week ;o) And it’s easter and I don’t have to go to work for 4 WHOLE DAYS!!! / Woohoo
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Jesus gets a feature

Another Feature – Thanks Experimental Photography!!
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