Hi! I’m Kelly.

After studying at the Gallifrey Academy for a few years, I set out on an adventure, and found myself on a mining ship running from giant bugs. I decided that was about as much screaming and running as my lungs could handle so I came to this Earth place for a little vacation, and I wound up at Starfleet Academy, where I just completed my studies in human Visual Culture & Communications.

As a trekkie I believe in justice and know that discrimination that disregards a victim’s suffering is always wrong. Like racism and sexism and all other discriminations that enable reckless violence, speciesism too must end. Riker: “We no longer enslave animals for food purposes.” T’Pol: “You humans claim to be enlightened, yet you still consume the flesh of animals.” Janeway, regarding vivisection: “What you’re doing isn’t self defense. It’s the exploitation of another species for your own benefit. My people decided a long time ago that that was unacceptable – even in the name of scientific progress.” Simply put, might does not make right. If you have not seen the documentary Earthlings, it is free to view on earthlings.com and it will shatter what you think you know — the violence against innocent sentients kept from our eyes behind closed doors is shocking and indefensible. You are also welcome to check out the resources on the health and environmental reasons so many people are adopting plant-pure diets and the ethical reasons many are refusing to partake in any animal exploitation and are demanding animal liberation here :) Ultimately, any being who desires to be free can be enslaved and slavery is ALWAYS wrong, so we must fight for animal liberation!

Live long and prosper!

Also, if you are interested in a very thorough and multifaceted argument for an expansive definition of “fair use” in art, see my Age of Equilibrium Wordpress post of an essay titled ‘In Defense of Fan Parodies’

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trekvix has a facebook page now!

https://www.facebook.com/trekvix / :)
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YAY!! Bobacon on RIPT!! AHH!!

Bobacon says, “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssss, put this in your cargo hold”. / hehe… I’m going to have a shirt on ript… hehe / =D
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