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'Double Vision' - or a week in the life of an artist!

By this time next week the exhibition ‘Double Vision’ will have been hung, previewed and sold out (wishful thinking!)
It is a joint exhibition with my wife Merice Ewart Marshall who also features here on rb.
The exhibition is being held at:
Gallery 49
Market Place
Old Town
East Riding of Yorkshire
It is 2000hrs on Sunday and I am just thinking what I have to do next week:
1.Complete 2 paintings for the exhibition – yes I know I’ve left it a bit late..but who doesn’t! One painting is 20″ × 16″ and the other is a full sheet 30″ × 22″. I am going to make a start tomorrow afternoon so will be trawling through my sketchbooks for suitable inspiration.
This of course is after I:
2. email Sewerby Hall to arrange for collection of some paintings I have on show there to transfer to the ‘Double Vision’ exhibition which will have to be done Tuesday morning.
3.arrange with the Ship Inn to exchange some more paintings for ‘Double Vision’ – another task for Tuesday morning
4. email students to postpone workshop arranged for next Saturday which just happens to be private viewing day ( this sounds rather grand but just means that you invite everyone you know in the hope they will be flattered into turning up and buying something!)
5 forward invitation for private viewing to everyone I know in the hope they will be flattered into turning up and buying something!
6. collect giclee prints from Old Town
7. put said prints into frames as well as my new by now completed paintings (I hope again!).
8. ensure all frames to be used in exhibition are properly strung, taped and in good condition.
9. purchase enough wine to ‘flatter’ everyone and anyone who turns up.
This will all be done by Thursday evening which will leave Friday to get the exhibition ‘hung’. As fellow artists I am sure you all know what a pleasurable and simple task this is!
The private viewing is from 12 – 4pm on Saturday.
That’s the plan then – I’ll let you know how I get on each day.

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