My small dictator

A short film, in Black and White, my cat as Chaplin with the music of Woody Allen and his New Orleans Jazz Band “Charleston”

Have fun, bubblers!

Felino Jazz

I made this video a log time ago, but I want to share with you. There is my cat and other cats. Enjoy it!

Cattitude is everything!

The Savanna tourist steam train, Bogotá - Colombia

In Bogotá, this train is operating, touristic trains every weekend and holiday for the public and express trains for schools and companies during weekdays. This train is called “Tren Turistico de la Sabana” (The Savanna tourist steam train) From the Avenida Jiménez Street in the center of the city to the outskirts. A good plan for weekends and holidays :)

Colombia, the only risk is wanting to stay!

This is my city

My City.
Usaquen is a traditional neighborhood, a residential and commercial area in northern Bogotá, capital of Colombia with a variety of housing styles.

Colombia, the only risk is wanting to stay!