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Health update and opinions.

Recent news…….I have been having probably the best week since the summer as far as my health goes. Far from one hundred percent but better : ) My Dr’s never did find the source of the backteria that has attacked my system and it could return so I realy have to watch myself. Back on the transplant list as well as of last friday. As a result I hope to get out shooting very soon. Only thing stopping me is the very cold spell we are having here at the moment which is to last about ten days : (

Opinions………I am trying to get a feel as to what people enjoy when it comes to HDR. I dont usually do HDR works and was wondering if I should add some to my gallery in the days to come. Just something I have been pondering since I have not added any work or pick…

Yaaaaa Baaaaaa Daaaaa Baaaa Doooo

Oh how in thie world can I thank all you wonderful friends for you stunning and awesome support in my time of need. Thank you all so very kindly for your awesome support and and care !! I am speachless : ))
I am now very thankful to be out of the hospital and slowely on the lond road to recovery once again.
As for a quick breakdown……… I just got home last night from another almost 3 weeks in the hospital. This time the ecoli attacked my lungs. I woke up, the one morning and was in total pain, literally in shock when the amubulance got here. They had to resessitate my breathing and drained all the fluid that was in my lungs. Think it was dopamine they gave me I was sceaming so much.Not to mention they kept me sedated for for about 8 days. So I am back to where I left…


Two weeks ago today I awoke in so much pain it was all I could hardly do is call a ambulance. Basically woke up 10 days later as that backetia was back very bad, and they had to get it out of my lungs. Just out of ICU yesterday but wont be by again for a bit

Good News

First of all I would thank every one that has given such wonderful support to me over the last couple of weeks.
Current results are that the bacteria that has been disrupting my system once again has hence gone from the antibiotic I was given……yahoooo !!! Have to go for one more set of blood work today to make sure. Still suffer from the effects it has caused and awaiting that transplant. Very tired and wear easily is the main problem. Kind of like I never even got up yesterday. Very happy that the bacteria is once again gone and I dont have to have my status placed on hold. Lets just hope that todays bloodwork is again possitive news which I will find out tomorrow.
Many thanks once again to all !!

Health Update and recent going ons

First of all for those who are aware of my situation here I give you many kind thanks for all the wonderful support I have been getting
For those who are not aware I offer this breif explanation as to whats been going on latley.
Well to make a long story short as possible lol. I have been waiting for a transplant for 2 yrs now. Around that time I had picked up a real nasty backteria in a foreign country which effected my whole system and as a result I am still suffering from the damage caused. These days I just tire so easily and energy and strengh levels have worsened over the last little while. That and some back and sleep issues all as a result keep limiting me more all the time. So that part wont change until I have the surgery. Thats the short version lol. Now I have also developed a n…

Important Update

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful people here for commenting on my immages. So those who wonder about my absense over the next three weeks it is not health related, rather that my girls will be here for three weeks. So I thank everyone now for their amazing support and wonderful words of kindness.
Putting the DSLR away and bringing out the point and shoot lol. Will be on spiratically over this time. Hope every one enjoys their summer in the mean time : )
Sean : )

Sad News

To all those who commented and wanted to see further photo’s of my recent Robin capture and the little chicks when they hatched I have unfortunate news. The mother Robin was there this morning as usual but at somepoint today the crows had obviously got at the nest. The Robin was gone and there was a broken egg by the nest. Sad and dissapointing to see, but that is nature.

Features Features

I would like to thank all the wonderful hosts and people who have commented and given huge support to myself over the months. So appreciative that I can share this wonderful news with all. Many kind thanks again : ))

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See You All Soon

For all the wonderful people who enjoy stopping by I would like to let you all know I am going to be away on holidays for a few weeks. Thank you all for your wonderful support and I look forward to seeing you all again soon. Keep up all the awesome work.
Sean : ))

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