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My new Canon 5Ds R

In case anyone cares as of today I’m the proud new owner of a Canon EOS 5Ds R making me one of the first owners in Australia I imagine. Very excited to have such a professional tool in my hands and can’t wait to try it out.

I know for many 50 megapixels is overkill but as far as I’m concerned there in no such thing as too much resolution when capturing the fine details of tree foliage and textures inherent in the sort of landscape work I do. Most of my favourite landscape photographers shoot large format film, i.e. Peter Dombrovskis and Joe Cornish and I have always loved the look of large format even when it’s just a small picture in a book. Hopefully with this camera I can produce something that moves a little closer to this ideal.



Melbourne's Waterfalls is here

After an eight year journey involving the most labour intensive combination of field trips, research and weather watching I have ever undertaken I am immensely proud to announce that the fruit of this endeavour is now available for all to enjoy.

’Melbourne’s Waterfalls – 314 Waterfalls within 100km of Melbourne’ is here.

To quote an exert from my introduction: ‘Of the 314 waterfalls and 109 water features of interest (in total containing 673 tiers) that I have found near Melbourne, 166 of these to my knowledge have never been documented before (39%). Although 122 of these waterfalls are marked on current maps, only 46 of them have officially registered names, with another 35 having recorded names. Through extensive research I have unearthed another 98 from hi

New Book: Wild Australasia - Celebrating 10 years of the ANZANG competition.

Yesterday I received a copy of:

Wild Australasia – Celebrating 10 years of the ANZANG competition
produced by Australian Geographic.

To quote their website blurb:
This inspiring sumptuously illustrated coffee table book showcases the best photos from ten years of the Australian Geographic ANZANG Nature Photographer of the Year Competition.

Founded in 2004, this prestigious annual nature photo competition celebrates the wildlife and landscapes of the bio-geographical region that includes Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica and New Guinea (ANZANG) and attracts many of the world’s finest photographers whose extraordinary creativity and talent is beautifully showcased in this hardcover book.

The first words of chapter one are:
Ten Years, 12,261 entries, 731 shortlisted images, 90 runners-u

My three Lowepro Dryzone Rovers

I dare say that I probably give my backpacks a harder life than just about anybody (if you are in doubt read this ).

Over the past eight years I have been on a quest to document every waterfall within 100km of Melbourne. I have now finished this book and am just waiting on some decent rain to get the last few shots I need. This quest has been extremely arduous but very enjoyable and in the process I have abused the daylights out of my gear. My backpack bearing the brunt of much of this. Because of lot of this work has been through thick scrub and down rivers a waterproof backpack has been an absolute necessity. The best pack I have found to fulfil these requirements being the Lowepro Dryzone Rover. This pack has a waterproof compartment with a waterproof zip that I can put all my expensi…

Waterfalls of East Gippsland by Alby Adams (book review)

I recently found out about this kindle publication from amazon and eagerly downloaded it the same day and wanted to share the word here.

Waterfalls of East Gippsland documents 45 waterfalls with photos (not for every drop) a description and access directions. Included are many waterfalls I know and love and also a number that I was previously unaware of as well as a few others I know of that Alby has missed. Alby has gone to a lot of effort to put this book together and has done a fantastic job although the lack of any maps and GPS co-ordinates is a significant drawback.

This ebook is a must have for any Victorian waterfall enthusiast (press on the photo below for a link to amazon).



'The Prom' sold out

On the 19/11/2010 I created the following post to celebrate the launch of my book on Wilsons Promontory.

The Prom is here

Yesterday I did a book run down along the prom coast and sold 139 books with the result that I have sold out of my first print run of 2011 books. So quite excited to reach this mile stone, the pressure is now on to finish my waterfall trilogy so I can reorder my prom book as well. I’m hoping for a February launch date.

Thankyou to everyone who has bought a copy I hope it has deepened your appreciation of this wonderful corner of the world.

If by chance you’re interested in getting a copy there are still plenty around in shops but none available direct from me via my website for the moment.



A Day in the Life of a waterfall addict #8

I’ve been waterfall hunting around Melbourne in a methodical way for seven years now having gone on hundreds of trips and in the process systematically descending every waterway whose relief and geology I considered to be conducive to having a waterfall on it. Previously I have visited L Creek 6 times so I thought I knew it pretty well but last week end I decided to approach it from above rather than from below and do a through trip to measure the 4 tiers that I had previously visited.

To my utter shock this through trip did not eventuate as it ended up taking an entire day descending just one kilometre of this watercourse. It was quite rough and steep but the main reason it took so long was because this one kilometre of creek contains the highest concentration of waterfalls I have …

Carisbrook Falls - A Day in the life of a Waterfall Addict #7

Just came back from a week down at Skenes Creek in the Otways with the family and as I have done many times before we dropped into Carisbrook Falls which has a short 260m track to a lookout just off the Great Ocean Road. After visiting with the fam I thought I’d go back alone to GPS and measure them. From previous visits I knew they were bigger than the tier that is visible from the lookout but I didn’t think it was too much more. After getting the wifely blessing for a solo trip I left at lunchtime and told her I’d be back in 2 or 3 hours time. Six hours later… I returned just as dinner was hitting the table, of course my wife thought I’d take this long initially anyway and it was I who insisted it wouldn’t take long (obviously I was only fooling mysel…

500,000th view on my fifth RB anniversary

On 3rd of January 2008 I joined red bubble which marked the beginning of my artistic/ photographic interaction with the wider world. Since then I’ve been overwhelmed by the generosity of spirit, encouragment and general comraderie that is at the centre of this great community. I’ve met many of you in the flesh, been inspired by the plethora of amazing artists out there, done heaps of trips with like minded photographers and generally been a better photographer for being part of RB.

I was pretty addicted at first and spent so much time on here that the reason I joined, my photography, actually got pushed into the background to a fair extent. I’ve found a better balance now but as a consequence don’t spend as much time commenting and interacting as I once did so sorr…

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