I have a deep love and reverence for nature and like to express this reverence through my photography. I have won numerous awards in the ANZANG Nature and Landscape Photographer of the Year award. Have held seven solo exhibitions have contributed numerous articles to ‘WILD’ magazine and released a book on Wilsons Promontory called ‘The Prom’. My current project is a book called ‘Melbourne’s Waterfalls’ which aims to document every waterfall within 100km of Melbourne. Over the last seven years I have visited 222 waterfalls plus another 93 water features of interest (smaller cascades, spillways etc), 112 of which have never been documented before. I often travel alone and off track which for me is a more pure and deep way of engaging with the natural world, an engagement that is often missing in our busy, technology driven lives but one that I believe is crucial for mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

$30 a month of photography related profits go to the Wilderness Society

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My Book The Prom – Wilsons Promontory National Park, Victoria, Australia can be ordered here

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Prize Winning Shots

Dunes near Wau Wauka, second in ANZANG (Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica, New Guinea) Nature and Landscape Photographer of the Year, Black and White Category.

Icicles – Lady Northcotes Canyon, highly commended in ANZANG Nature and Landscape Photographer of the Year, Wilderness Landscape.

Lines in the Sand, highly commended in ANZANG Nature and Landscape Photographer of the Year, Black and White Category.

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'The Prom' sold out

On the 19/11/2010 I created the following post to celebrate the launch of my book on Wilsons Promontory. / The Prom is here / Yesterday I did a book run down along the prom coast and sold 139 books with the result that I have sold out of my first print run of 2011 books. So quite excited to reach this mile stone, the pressure is now on to finish my waterfall trilogy so I can reorder my prom book …
Posted 5 months – 11 comments

A Day in the Life of a waterfall addict #8

I’ve been waterfall hunting around Melbourne in a methodical way for seven years now having gone on hundreds of trips and in the process systematically descending every waterway whose relief and geology I considered to be conducive to having a waterfall on it. Previously I have visited L Creek 6 times so I thought I knew it pretty well but last week end I decided to approach it from above r…
Posted 9 months – 14 comments

Carisbrook Falls - A Day in the life of a Waterfall Addict #7

Just came back from a week down at Skenes Creek in the Otways with the family and as I have done many times before we dropped into Carisbrook Falls which has a short 260m track to a lookout just off the Great Ocean Road. After visiting with the fam I thought I’d go back alone to GPS and measure them. From previous visits I knew they were bigger than the tier that is visible from the lookout…
Posted about 1 year – 10 comments

Photography is not a crime

I found this article by Sydney Morning Herald Photographer Jon Reid very interesting although it is kind of old now. / Trav.
Posted over 1 year – 2 comments