I’m excited to join this community. I have been taking photographs of nature, and human culture for many years on trips including plants, flowers, mountains, caves, and archaeological zones I’ll also take pictures of architecture, towns, and interesting textures, but I’ve only recently started offering my photos in products online. Most of my photographs were taken in Mexico, but some was taken in the United States.

I’ve recently spent more time adding more abstract designs and patterns. This is mostly due to the recent changes in the print on demand industry from a focus on prints to hang on your wall to products with designs on them and anyway most offices and modern homes seem to prefer abstract prints on their walls too. In any case, for those who want shapes, color blobs, and patterns, I also have those. Gingham, plaid, chevron, harlequin, argyle, paisley, and knit patterns will be added to the Abstract Patterns collection. Shapes like circles, squares, digital mosaic, triangles, irregular polygons and other extreme effects will be added to the Abstract (other) Collection. I’d divided them up more, but Redbubble limits the number of collections.

Kaleidoscopes and Fractal & fractal flame artwork will still be in their own collections. Note: Until recently it was not easy to add designs to a collection so not all images are in collections. I’ll be adding images to them as I update them. You can also search for the keyword and my name to find many designs that have not been added.

Checkout my "Art and graphic design blog ":http://blog.christopherartdesign.com/ to see links to all of my photographic products and Art and graphic design Site
I live in Mexico City, but you can buy my Photo Art even if you live in another country.

My art can also be found on great fun gifts at Zazzle
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I've added photos of Grutas de la Estrella in Mexico.

I’ve added my photos of Grutas de la Estrella a system of caves in the Estado de México, Mexico.
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I added 3 Photos of VW Bugs/Beatles/Vochos

I added 3 Photos of VW Bugs/Beatles/Vochos. I hope you like them.
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I've added photos of the farm in Iowa

I hope you enjoy the photos I took of the farm in Iowa. They were taken on a cold February morning. There is plenty of snow and farm stuff :-).
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