Can anyone help?

I have been trying to follow “Peter Hill’s” tutorial “Easy guide to creating samples of artwork on redbubble”, but it seems to me that our new look “bubble site” may have changed the way in which you go about this . When I get to the public view page and click on the “buy/preview” button, get the product options sorted out then "right click " on the image, the window that appears does not have "properties " as an option! (You will be able to tell from this that I am not very clever with dem ’putors.)
So how do I get to the “address” so that I can copy and paste it??
Thanks in advance.


  • David Lewins
    David Lewinsalmost 4 years ago

    What browser are you using Ian? If it’s MS Internet Explorer then it should come up with Properties on the very bottom of the pop-up menu. If you’re using Mozilla Firefox then all you do is choose “Copy Image Location” then paste that in.

  • Sunsetdaze
    Sunsetdazeabout 3 years ago

    I am presuming you have this sorted now Ian??

  • I did at the time Cynthia, but the last time I tried to do something similar it didn’t work, guess I am a bit remedial!!!

    – traveller