Making things HAPPEN, Allyson B. Campbell is an author and photographer when she’s not working or being a wife to her husband and best friend of 11 years. She loves the arts – all realms – and uses it as inspiration towards her work. She loves to travel and has been to Dominica, Antigua, Barbados, Puerto Rico in the Caribbean and is now traveling Europe, embarking on excursions that took her to Prague, Strasbourg and Zurich to name a few.
Allyson is the author of Chained & Bound and In Good Company and is currently writing her third novel for publication, entitled, Love On Christmas – a Four Short Story novel!
She currently lives in Heidelberg, Germany .

March 2010 – Featured Member of ‘Tropical Art’ group

  • Age: 39
  • Joined: July 2008


Marriage: Ode to the Old

This coming Saturday, September 26th, will be 11 years that my husband and I have been married. It feels that time has passed by quickly, even now, and it has been enjoyable. I’ve meet people who ask me, “How do you do it?” and I tell them…. / I tell them what they need to hear. That marriage is wonderful and a lot of hard work – from the planning, to the wedding,…
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“It was just fried pineapple!”

But oh, was it sssooo good! / Drizzled with honey and a scope of vanilla ice cream, I sat there at the Thai restaurant, eating this dessert that was like an aphrodisiac. And I mean that literally. / My husband and I went touring around the city of Heidelberg, near the Universtät and the infamous Heidelberg castle, and found a Thai restaurant surrounded by other eateries from different countries.…
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Looking for a place to call our own.

I tell you, staying in a small room on an Army base is no fun, but we make the most of it. We are new here to Heidelberg, Germany; just received our ID’s yesterday in order to leave in and out of the base AND we have no car. / But we have met people who are willing to help us out. Even yesterday, a ‘stranger’ picked up my husband to bring him home, after they saw him and some others waiting for t…
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New to Germany

This is my third day in Germany and I am ‘falling’ in love with this place. I quoted falling because, yes, I am still new to the place. My husband and I are staying in a small, hotel room; no car and no ID to get on and off base. But things seem promising… The money my husband would make, the house we would rent and the things we would do together. / I want to start cooking R…
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