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Kory Trapane

Eagle Mountain, United States

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I’ve had a passion for photography with a camera in hand most all of my life. But my true experience started with a Canon AE-1, printing my own B&W work while studying at the University of Southern California. I took several photo classes at the USC Cinema School and School of Fine Arts and won high honors for my work, having two pieces selected for the Cinema School Gallery, the first to ever do so. I learned many styles of photography and was consequently hooked. Had much classic training in both shooting and printing, mostly in Black and White, as I loved playing with light and tones.

That passion has continued into the Digital Age, trading up my cameras sequentially to a 2MP Sony, then a 5P Sony, an 8MP Olympus, 10MP Nikon D80 and finally to my 12MP Nikon D90 with a few fun lenses, my favorite being the 16-85mm VR. Hoping that my next camera will be a full frame camera, either the D700 or the Canon 5D Mark II.

I am a full-time graphic designer and photographer with my own studio in Eagle Mountain, Utah.

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You may be seeing my work on another site...

Yep… / I have just been accepted as a contributor for iStockPhoto.com. It has been some time that I’ve thought about applying, but was reluctant because I’ve heard iStockPhoto was the most difficult to get into. But I just decided to go for it and was accepted on my first go. Another reason is that I’ve heard it really takes a couple of dedicated years to really start maki…
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Home page feature! March 15, 2010

Just came back from running some errands and what to my surprise? Daisy White was featured on the home page! What a joyous treat. :)
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A couple recent challenge wins... and etc.

Thank you for your votes and support! / Just yesterday (Mar 14) Daisy White took first place in the No More Color group. / And on March 3, Long Tines placed first in The power of simplicity / RECENT FEATURES / Also this month, Ooohhh, YUMMM! and BoKiss were featured in Sweet Tooth / Ooohhh, YUMMM! was also featured in High Key / And Symmetry: Blue Reflection was featured in The power of simplici…
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Hey all! It’s been just over a week since I uploaded Living in a Fish World and it has already reached over 2000 views… Incredible! Thanks so much for checking it out… / Here are the specs as of March 12, 2009: / * 0 sales / * 66 comments / * 52 favoritings / * 2005 views / Thanks again! Really! / Kory
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