I Bought A Tshirt

And it says…
The Dog House by transmute

Now That I’ve Found You

For someone…

Between C**t and Saint

Rarified Air by transmute The Inspector by transmute God Is Awesome by transmute Brew Machine by transmute


…that is a weapon.
Her Day Is A Silver Frock by transmute Dolly by transmute Secreted by transmute

Bitter Godess

It’s ‘juicy’ I suppose

The Muse Is Dead

6 words and a funeral.

The Ultimate Liar

Oh yeah, ‘the juicy bits’: I am the ultimate liar, because even I believe my own lies, if I believe anything at all.
We Are Glass by transmute

Amputated Wishes

Be careful with that axe…


6 words of truth, it’ll take you 10 seconds further into the future.

Carnival In The Wastelands

‘juicy bits’? ‘lure readers in?’ I’m sure they do.
Grid by transmute

Wasted Words

6 word story.

Girls and Women

A girl is stories, A woman is truth
Myxi by transmute


Sheep nailed to the wall/Blood draining in to cups

The Waste Of Time

I was walking out the door when l heard the crash so l switched off the radio. The signal went dead about this time


The moon is waxing and I’ve not yet found the skeleton keys to the universe

Skin Of Shadows

Your skin is shadows


I don’t like wearing pants anymore
Electric Vespers by transmute

Stasis Angel

The pain in your belly / is your birth
Comedy by transmute

Tree Of Life

It is with regret I carry an axe in my hand

Broken Again

I thought I was stone, but now I am glass

Across Space

I am the tear that brings into being

Who We Want To Be

Mellow whispers search through the trees


I would abuse my inner child for you

Boa Constictor Logic

Living is like pissing in a hurricane really

Flack Jacket Fits

Five 6 word stories walk into a bar

My Pins And Needles Collection

Teeth chattering, Hands clapping and laughing

My Eyes For You Will Never Die

We will meet and hold in the dark

Plane Crash

Screaming wings disintegrate in rushing air

People Should Be Dogs

Language warning

Low Definition

We live our lives in low definition
Welcome To Epsilon by transmute

Dinner With Fighting Fish

Be patient. First we have to drive. The fish are already there.


Split open, the seeds fall out.
A Spartan Future by transmute Hunting Light by transmute Blood Sugar Bunny by transmute Hope Under Glass by transmute Materialized by transmute Sentinels by transmute Driven #1: Belly Of A Snake by transmute Dinner With Fighting Fish by transmute Alone In The Dressing Room by transmute Living by transmute
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