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I have been actively taking pictures for about 7-8 years, but consider myself just a beginner. There is still so much to learn and try. I have always been drawn to art of all kinds. I love to draw, paint, sculpt. I love pottery, jewelry making, glass etching & stained glass, learning to play instruments (I can play a little piano and acoustic guitar), and poetry. My true passion is photography. Every moment is a photograph waiting to happen. Flowers, black and white, water, sunrise & sunsets are what I enjoy the most, but will capture anything that inspires me.

The camera that I am currently using is a Canon 450D (rebel xsi) most of my work is done with a 18-55mm is ef-s lens with the occassional shot done with a 70-300mm and tripod. I hope to make the Canon 50D or 7D my next, so PLEASE buy something! :))

I look forward to viewing some beautiful artwork, sharing my own, and learning any new tips, tricks and techniques anyone would like to share with me.

  • Age: 41
  • Joined: July 2011



So, I was taking the time to edit a few photos, shift some items from certain groups and removing a few all together, when I happened to notice that nearly ALL of my photos that have some form of horizon are all off just a hair. So not only have I made it a personal mission to cure myself of this, I am now wondering….Is one of my legs shorter than the other??? I have, at times, recalled tak…
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