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Words By Marion Brown

Traceyanne is an artist who has truly embraced her talent and is expressing it tirelessly. Her extensive portfolio covers all nature of artwork from watercolour to oils, photography to design and to cap it of a good knowledge of photoshop. Her paintings are extraordinary for the fact that she gains her inspiration from her fellow redbubblers, often taking their photos and turning them it original pieces of art. You get the sense that when you look at Tracey’s portfolio she could make a great success out of any field she chose to concentrate on. Her painting Moon at Night was voted most popular in the PiMT Challenge Out of the Blue in a very large field of competition and below you can see why.

Thank you Marion for that…if you would like to see the rest pop over to PiMT Challenge Out of the Blue

  • Age: 47
  • Joined: February 2008



Hello everyone in Redbubble world I hope you are all well…Sorry I have not been around …But I’m back and will be adding and commenting soon…. / All the best / Tracey-anne
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Thank you

Thank you to the lovely person that brought not 1 but 3 of Fairy Cake, this has made my day Thank you again…..I hope that you are all well out there is bubble land sorry that I M NOT AROUND AT THE MOMENT….all the best for Christmas and the New Year / http://www.redbubble.com/people/traceyanne/works/1651951-fairy-cake-with-colour
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WOW! Thank you to the lovely person who brought this print I'm so thrilled

water colour with pencil / before and after
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Call for all Artist's

If you have time have a look at this / http://www.owoatour.info/prospectus.htm / and if you know any art galleries that would like to host the tour for one of it’s stop’s please get in contact..all the best Tracey-anne
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