I have been a hobbyist for a long time, and very actively trying to learn and grow in my photography skills since about February 2011. I’m self-taught and I’m really wanting to learn and grow as a photographer, so I will always welcome constructive criticism and comment! Most of the photos in this portfolio are currently from a Canon PowerShot S5 point-and-shoot; but as of June 8, 2012, I now have a Canon 60D!

I think the thing I love the most about photography is that it has opened my eyes to an extraordinarily beautiful world. I am so thankful to know the Creator, and so thankful for the astounding colour, beauty, majesty and detail He put into all He made.

I was very thrilled to have had one of my photos (Peaceful Path) featured on the RedBubble home page, on June 14, 2011. Thank you, RedBubble!

I’ve also been thrilled to have Trees in the Mist featured on the RedBubble Explore page.

I’m honoured to have been selected as a featured member in:

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Inspiration vs. Discouragement

The longer I’m on RedBubble, and the longer I continue on my journey as a hobbyist photographer who wants to improve, the more I realize two things: / * There are some astounding images to be found here, created by some wonderfully skilled and talented photographers. / * I have a long way to go to match the calibre of those images and the work of the photographers who created them! / Being …
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