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Inspiration vs. Discouragement

The longer I’m on RedBubble, and the longer I continue on my journey as a hobbyist photographer who wants to improve, the more I realize two things:

  • There are some astounding images to be found here, created by some wonderfully skilled and talented photographers.
  • I have a long way to go to match the calibre of those images and the work of the photographers who created them!

Being here inspires me when I am able to see and appreciate so many beautiful images; and being here spurs me on in my journey, motivating me to reach that point where I can be one of “those” photographers that other people admire and look up to. But sometimes, I lose perspective. I forget that I have made progress in my journey, and feel discouraged and tired by how far I have yet to go.

So this morning, I’m taking the time to be thankful for the inspiration of the fine artistis here. There are a group of people here whose work never ceases to touch my heart with its beauty. Sometimes it’s a soft, romantic, gentle beauty (I think of Ingz) or a bold, dramatic beauty (such as Arfan Habib). Other times it’s whimsical, or funny, or tender (I love all of the sweet portraits of Marcelle Raphael, for example). Sometimes it’s the fascinating, wonderful macro world (like Manon Boily’s work). But all of it is beautiful, rich, and wonderful, and I’m grateful for the beauty, the inspiration, and the wonder of the images I see. I could not possibly name everyone who inspires me, but I thank you all.

And I’m taking time to appreciate all that has happened since I joined RedBubble. I started out with a point-and-shoot when I first signed on to RB; since then, my wonderful husband has bought me a DSLR and two additional lens, which have enabled me to create images I could not have created previously. I’ve experimented more, I’ve learned more about post-processing, I’ve gotten tips from people on RB about how to improve, and I’ve actually created a handful of images that I am not only happy, but proud to hang on my own walls – which is a big step from where I was two years ago. I joined a camera club locally, which has primarily enabled me to make some friends that are fun to go shooting with. I’m grateful for my growth, and for my husband who supports me so beautifully in my journey. And instead of letting myself get discouraged, today I’m choosing to look forward with excitement and curiosity about where the next two years will take me.

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